How to use Screen Mirroring function of SMART TV?

Last Update date : Apr 18. 2018

■ Screen Mirroring(Share the screen of Mobile device with TV screen)

    Wireless connect a mirroring-enabled mobile device to the TV and play the video and audio files stored on the device

    on the TV. Mirroring refers to the function that plays the video and audio files located on a mobile device on a TV and

    on the mobile device simultaneously.

    - Menu : Network → Screen Mirroring

    - To use the Screen Mirroring function, the mobile device must support a mirroring function such as All Share Cast,   

    WiDi(over 3.5 version) or Miracast. To check whether your mobile device supports the mirroring function, please visit

    the mobile device manufacturer`s website.

    - The video or audio may intermittently stop depending on network conditions.

1 Connecting via a mobile device...

1. On the mobile device, run Screen Mirroring. The mobile device searches for available devices to connect to.

2. In the search result list, select the TV. The TV displays a pop-up at the top of the screen.

3. In the pop-up, select Allow to connect the mobile device.

    . All previously allowed mobile devices will automatically connect without needing approval.

    . If you select Deny, the device cannot connect. In addition, you are setting the device`s connection status 

    to Deny and it will not be able to connect in the future unless you change its connection status.

    To change the connection status of a denied device, Navigate to Network → Screen Mirroring

    → Device Manager, select the device and then select Allow.

     . Mobile device may not find TV normally. In this case, please refer to 'Not searching TV in Mobile device...'

2 Not searching TV in Mobile device...

1. Navigate to Network → Screen Mirroring and then select Screen Mirroring.

    The Screen Mirroring function starts. You can also start Screen Mirroring by pressing the SOURCE button

    on your remote and then selecting Screen Mirroring from the list at the top of the screen.

2. Launch Screen Mirroring on your mobile device. The device searches for available devices.

3. Select the TV from the list. The TV automatically allows the connection and the device connects.

    . If the mobile device cannot connect, please try turning the TV off and on.

3 Managing the connection status of previously connected mobile devices.

This function is only available if devices have previously connected to the TV or have previously attempted to

connect and been denied.

1. Navigate to Network → Screen Mirroring → Device Manager. The TV displays a list of devices that have

    previously connected to the TV or have tried to connect to the TV and been denied. The status of the connection

    (Allow/Deny) is also displayed.

2. In the pop-up, you can select Allow connection, Deny connection or Delete the device from the list.

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