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Glow Up in Neon

Light up your feed with these tips for cool neon pictures.

Neon light photography/light graffiti shot with a Samsung Galaxy Note8

From Hong Kong to Lollapalooza, the neon light trend is burning bright and there’s no sign of it fading away soon. Neon lights are not only eye-catching art but can also be a compelling way to flaunt your travel shots or electrify your next headshot. Here are our top tips to shoot neon photography.

Neon sign photography

Photo looking a little dim? Shoot in Pro Mode to increase the ISO for brighter pics.


Get your glow on

Whether you want more attention on Tinder or LinkedIn, a neon glow headshot will do the trick. Position yourself so the light from the sign is either directly beside you or behind you, depending on how much light you want to capture. While most pro cams require a lot of fussing with aperture and shutter speed to correctly capture low light, the Samsung Galaxy S9+’s dual aperture will automatically adjust. All you have to do is point and shoot.


Photo looking a little dim? Shoot in Pro Mode to increase the ISO for brighter pics.


Work your angles

Pro-level neon light photography is all about capturing the best angle and really letting the light shine on its own. Be adventurous with angles—try crouching low or standing on a chair to see the neon in a whole new light.

Cool neon pictures taken with the Galaxy S9

Lean into the blur

Neon lights are great for natural bokeh-licious portraits. The most important thing to remember is that the closer you are to the subject, the better bokeh you get.

What you need to glow up

Whether you’re new to Instagram or a bonafide Insta-celeb, your phone’s camera can make or break your feed. The dual aperture on Samsung Galaxy devices helps your low-light photos stand out and shine bright.

Back of a silver Galaxy S10 phone, with the front of a black Galaxy S10 phone slightly overlaying on top

Galaxy S10e | S10 | S10+

Samsung Galaxy Note9 with a yellow Note Pen leaning on the side

Galaxy Note9

Galaxy S9/S9+

Galaxy S9/S9+

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