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Samsung AppStack is designed for the fast-moving work of digital business. Do you have questions? We have answers.

General AppStack Questions:

AppStack is Samsung’s business software marketplace for business owners, managers, and IT professionals. We help you find, subscribe to, and manage cloud apps for use on Samsung and third-party devices. AppStack gives your team easy access to the software you need to grow, whether you run a startup or an established company. Please review the Samsung AppStack Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Yes, AppStack cloud-based apps require an internet connection to access the service. Offline storage of information is available for many cloud apps to allow your team to work offline and update later when they have network access. Please review the capabilities of each app to ensure it provides the offline features your team needs.

Yes, AppStack can help you save with several discount options. We provide discounts on subscriptions to one or more cloud apps, as well as an additional discount for app subscriptions when your purchase Samsung devices. Discounts generally apply during the first year of app service and are available with both monthly and annual subscription plans.

If you cancel an app before the end of the term of a monthly or annual plan, with or without a discount, we will not auto-renew your subscription. You will have access to your app to the end of your currently paid term. There are no refunds for early cancellation.

Some AppStack discounts are tied to a Samsung device purchase and, if you return that device, we will charge your credit card for the difference between the regular and discounted price you received. For example, if you received a 10% discount on an annual plan of an app normally priced at $100, so that you saved $10 at the time of purchase, but return your Samsung device before 30 days after your purchase, your credit card will be charged $10. Any charges related to device discount changes will be prorated to the end of your current subscription term based on when you returned your device.

Yes, most AppStack cloud apps are accessed through a web browser that can be run on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Many cloud apps provide platform-specific client software (for Windows, macOS, Android) that allow your team to use their accounts across several devices.

Yes, most AppStack apps have a trial period associated with them. If the app has a trial period, you can try the app once per app using your Samsung Business Account credentials. Trial lengths will vary by app. We will authorize your payment at the beginning of the trial, but we will not charge your account until the trial ends. You may cancel your subscription at any time during the trial period without a charge to your account.

Visit the AppStack marketplace and explore the available apps. We provide background information and categorize cloud apps based on their business function to help you build the features your team needs to succeed. When you are ready to subscribe, click the Get Started button. If you do not have a Samsung Business account, which will be the administrative account for your organization, we will ask you to register for one during sign-up.

A credit card is required to access free trials or subscribe to cloud apps on AppStack. We will validate your credit card at the beginning of the trial period but will not put any funds on hold or charge the card until your regular subscription begins. Recurring charges start on the day your trial ends. If you subscribe to an annual plan, we will charge your credit card at the beginning of your subscription term. Please watch for new AppStack payment options.

You will receive an email receipt for your subscription charges each month, or once a year, for your AppStack subscriptions. Be sure to cancel subscriptions at least one day before the monthly or annual payment due date to avoid charges. We will charge your card automatically at the beginning of the term of your subscription.

No, AppStack does not support purchase order-based accounts at this time.

You will be billed each month on the day of the month on which the paid AppStack subscription began, or on the same date each year, if you subscribed to an annual plan. For example, on a monthly subscription, if a subscription starts on the 6th of the month you will be billed on the 6th day of successive months.

Any changes to your app plan will take effect when your current subscription term has ended. At this time, you cannot change your subscription from a monthly to an annual plan, or vice versa, during your current billing term.

Yes, you can add or remove user licenses on AppStack, and the changes will become active on your next renewal date. If you add new licenses, they will become active at the end of your current plan subscription term. If you remove licenses, they will remain available until the end of your current subscription term. No refund is available for fees associated with accounts canceled before the next billing date.

No, cloud apps are normally accessed through a web browser. Your team will not need to update their app software to access a different pricing plans.

Your AppStack subscription may be canceled at any time before your next billing date, after which we will no longer charge you for the app subscription. If you cancel an app, your data and services will be available until your next billing date. We do not offer pro-rata refunds.

Yes, most AppStack apps are available on monthly and annual plans. Yearly plans for individual apps may provide reduced calculated monthly payments based on the year-long commitment. Payment for an annual plan is charged once at the start of the year for the entire year.

Third-party software providers deliver AppStack services. Samsung selects apps based on their quality and security, but we cannot ensure that your account will stay secure. Please carefully manage your user credentials to prevent unwanted access to business accounts.

Only your licensed team members have access rights to your app data, which is controlled by the third-party companies who own the apps. Please carefully manage your user credentials to prevent unwanted access to app accounts.

No, your AppStack licenses do not require each user to have a Samsung Business Account. However, please note that the account owner must have a Samsung Business Account.

Administering AppStack:

Visit the AppStack marketplace, where you can select apps for your team. If you do not have a Samsung Business Account, which is required to access and manage your AppStack subscriptions, you will be asked to create one when you checkout. After you complete your order, AppStack subscriptions are managed through your Subscription Details page.

Please note: To protect your account, we will cancel your subscription if you do not access the app administrative account after ten days following receipt of your AppStack order confirmation email. Billing will begin only after you access app administrative account.

After you create and configure your Samsung Business Account through the Subscription Details page, we will set up an administrative account with each app provider. You will find links to each app management page on your Subscription Details page.

Browse for apps in the AppStack marketplace. When you are ready to subscribe, choose the app and pricing plan, click the ‘Buy Now’ button, and follow the enrollment steps. Your subscription will be available immediately, and you can activate users through the app administrative account.

No, AppStack does not support access to your Samsung Business Account from more than one email address. Nor can you transfer the account to a different address. You may share your account credentials to give another team member financial or administrative access to AppStack subscriptions. Please be aware that anyone with access to your account can add or cancel subscriptions, as well as place hardware orders using your payment account.

You can transfer access to third-party app administrative accounts, such as G Suite, to another user by visiting the app partner portal.

Your company will need to continue using the current account name, email address, and password to access the AppStack account. You can transfer administrative access to third-party apps, such as G Suite, to another user by visiting the app partner portal.

No, usage monitoring is not currently available in the AppStack service, however individual app providers may provide usage reports.

Please call Samsung Business Customer Service at 855-581-6892 Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time.

At this time, AppStack supports only one price plan per app associated with each cloud app administrative account. If you would like to add a different service level for an app you already have purchased, start a new AppStack order. The second order for a currently subscribed app will be associate with a new app administrative account on the partner company’s site.

Visit the AppStack marketplace to find the app that fits your needs. Click the Get Started button to see available pricing plans and trial subscription options. Please note that you must choose how many subscription licenses you need when selecting the subscription plan, and whether you want the monthly or annual plan, if available.

Managing Cloud Apps:

AppStack marketplace cloud apps are available at different pricing plans, which may provide more features for increased fees. Choose the app and pricing plan, click the ‘Buy Now’ button, and follow the enrollment steps.

You can add as many users as you like to your AppStack account up to 499 team members. Your team members do not need to have a Samsung device to use app services. Some cloud apps may require a minimum number of users or be limited to a maximum number of users; AppStack does not support organizations with more than 499 users.

If you are also purchasing Samsung devices when you select an app, we can deliver up to 25 devices in a single order. To add more devices or cloud apps, please start a new order.

A specific cloud app may have controls for you to assign different levels of service or access to each user on your team, but AppStack does not allow multiple pricing plans for the same app. You subscribe to the same pricing plan for all the users of the same app.

If you have a billing issue, please contact Samsung Business Customer Service at 855-581-6892 between 8 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time.

If you have a technical issue with an app other than G Suite, please contact the app developer directly. For G Suite issues, please contact Samsung Business Customer Support.

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