Use Game Launcher and gaming options on your Galaxy device

Playing game on Galaxy S22 Ultra

From pixelated classics to virtual reality, gaming has come a long way. And your Galaxy phone or tablet can offer even more opportunities to explore your favorite digital worlds. The Game Launcher feature houses all your gaming apps and includes settings to improve your gaming experience. You can also check out our latest Galaxy phones and tablets to really ramp things up.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and model.

Set up Game Launcher

Before you get too excited and rush into your game, let's set up the Game Launcher. It should be on by default, but you can always double-check just in case.

  1. From Settings, tap Advanced features, and then tap the switch next to Game Launcher to turn it on if needed.

    Game Launcher enabled on a Galaxy phone
  2. Next, open the Game Launcher app. It may be on the Apps screen or in the Samsung folder.

  3. Review the Samsung account information and tap Continue. Then, review the usage data information and tap Allow.

  4. If desired, you can display games "In Game Launcher only" to hide your gaming apps in the App screen and make them only appear in Game Launcher. To find this, tap More at the bottom of the screen, and then tap Settings. Tap Show game apps, and then choose your desired option.

  5. Navigate back the main screen in Game Launcher. Tap one of your games to start playing, or explore Game Launcher to see the other options.

  6. Note: If Game Launcher is not available in the Settings menu, you must install and launch a game first.

Use Game Booster while playing a game

Game Booster is a separate app from Game Launcher, but the two of them work together. Game Booster is a handy menu that appears when you're playing a game and provides helpful tools, so you can get the best performance and play on without interruptions.

Navigate to and open your desired gaming app. Tap the Game Booster icon on the lower left-hand side of the screen. If it’s your first time using Game Booster, you may be asked to tap Start.

Game Booster menu on a Galaxy phone

When you're ready, you can choose from the following options:

  • The Pop-up panel: Get fast access to outside apps. Change the four apps in the panel by tapping More options (the three vertical dots). Tap the Remove icon by the app, and then select apps you want on the panel.

  • Discord: Use Discord while playing a game! Please see the second to last section for more details. 

    Note: This option will only appear if you have Discord installed on your device.

  • Game Plugins: Download and use different plugins to enhance your gaming. Please see the last section for more details.

  • Settings: Tap the Settings icon to see more settings. Change the shortcut icon at the bottom right corner by tapping Shortcuts, and then choose your desired shortcut. From this menu, you can also change the screen resolution or get help.

  • Priority mode: This mode will block incoming calls and alerts, as well as close background apps so your phone can have the best performance possible.

  • Performance overview: See your device's current temperature, memory usage, and battery level.

  • Navigation button lock: This locks the Navigation bar so you don't accidentally hit its buttons while playing a game. 

  • Touch protection: Temporarily locks the screen so accidental touches don't mess up your game.

  • Screenshot: Take a screenshot of the game you're currently playing.

  • Record: Take a video of the game you're currently playing. On newer phones and tablets, this uses the Screen recorder feature that is built in to the device's software.

Note: Game Booster may not be available for all games.

Adjust other Game Booster settings

You can take Game Booster's customization even further by adjusting additional settings. For example, you can change which shortcuts appear at the bottom of Game Booster to give you a better experience.

Just open a game, then tap the Game Booster icon, and then tap the Settings icon.

In Game Booster settings, you can change these individual options:

A list of Game Booster settings on a Galaxy phone
  • Block during game: Adjust what kind of alerts or features you want to block during gameplay, so you’ll never get distracted.

  • Auto touch protection: Choose the duration for locking the screen. On some devices, this feature is called Auto screen lock.

  • Save power during touch protection: Save power by reducing the frame rate for games while Touch protection is on.

  • Shortcut bar and Shortcuts: Tap Shortcuts and then set shortcuts for faster access. When you swipe up on the screen during a game, the shortcut will appear in the Navigation bar on the right side. You can choose one of the following options: Touch protection, Navigation button lock, Screenshot, Record, Pop-up panel, and None. You can also tap the switch next to Shortcut bar to turn this on instead.

  • Floating shortcut: Set your preference for the floating shortcut.

  • Screen resolution: Adjust the resolution to 25%, 50%, or 100%.

  • Screenshot format: Select JPEG or HEIF as your preferred format.

  • Game optimization: Choose Performance, Standard, or Battery saver as your preferred power saving mode.

  • Pause USB Power Delivery: If a charger is connected to your device while you're playing a game, power is automatically supplied through the connected charger in order to continue charging the battery while you game. You can pause charging your battery and dedicate the charger to powering your game by tapping the switch next to Pause USB Power Delivery.

    Note: This option is available on the Galaxy S23 series, S22 series, Tab S8 series, Z Flip4, Z Fold4, A53, and A23.

  • Low refresh rate: Save power by limiting the screen’s refresh rate to 48 Hz while you’re playing a game. Tap the switch to turn this on.

  • Labs: Enable experimental game performance options.

  • About Game Booster: View the latest software version of Game Booster and update the feature if needed.

  • Contact us: Get in touch with the Samsung Support team for any of your questions or concerns, or view our FAQs.

Tune your device's performance

Note: Battery power efficiency may vary by game.

With Game Launcher, you can tune the performance level of your games to save battery power. Maybe you're stuck on a long trip with no charger and need to save your battery. Fine tune your gaming performance with a few quick steps:

  1. Open Game Launcher, and then tap More at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Tap Game Booster to access the Game Booster settings.

  3. Then, tap Game optimization near the bottom of the screen.

  4. From here, you can choose between your desired performance modes: Performance, Standard, or Battery saver.

Game Booster highlighted in the Game Launcher app

You can also use the Pause USB Power Delivery option.  If a charger is connected to your device while you're playing a game, power is automatically supplied through the connected charger in order to continue charging the battery while you game. You can pause charging your battery and dedicate the charger to powering your game by tapping the switch next to Pause USB Power Delivery.

Note: This option is available on the Galaxy S23 series, S22 series, Tab S8 series, Z Flip4, Z Fold4, A53, and A23.

Change sound settings

Maybe you don't like the music or sounds in that horror game. That's no problem with the Game sound feature. You can easily mute games from Game Launcher instead of fighting with your device's Volume keys.

Navigate to and open Game Launcher. Tap Game sound at the bottom of the My games section to silence all of your gaming apps. To unmute, tap Game sound again.

Game sound icon highlighted in the Game Launcher app

Set up and use Discord in Game Launcher

The Discord app allows you to talk to friends while you’re all gaming together. And now you can use Discord with the Game Launcher and Game Booster feature on your Galaxy phone! Join voice channels and talk with friends in real time while you're playing a game on your phone. You just need to connect your account and adjust some settings first.

  1. Open Game Launcher, then tap More at the bottom of the screen, and then tap Discord. If you already have a Discord account and the Discord app on your device, tap either Join Discord or Sign in, and then tap Connect account. Follow the instructions to sign in.

    Discord icon highlighted in the Game Launcher menu
  2. If you do not have Discord installed on your device, you will need to download it to continue. Tap Install in the Galaxy Store pop-up, and tap Open once the app has downloaded. Allow the permissions if prompted.
    Note: You can skip this step if Discord is already installed on your device.

  3. If you don't already have an account, tap Register, and then enter your information. Or, if you have an account, tap Login and follow the instructions to sign in.

    Note: You may be asked to verify your identity using the email associated with your Discord account.

  4. Once you're logged in, you can choose a server to join from Game Launcher's Discord menu! Popular Discord servers will display. To find more servers or create your own, tap the Discord icon in the top right corner. This will take you to the main Discord app.

    Discord icon highlighted to the upper right side of a Galaxy phone
  5. As mentioned, you will need to adjust some settings in order to join Discord voice channels when playing a game. From the Discord app, tap User Settings (your profile picture), tap Voice & Video, and then tap the switch next to Enable Mobile Voice Overlay. Tap the switch next to Discord to give the app permission to use the feature.

  6. Next, you need to give Discord permission to access your phone's microphone. Exit the Discord app, and then navigate to and open Settings. Tap Apps, and then find and select Discord. Tap Permissions, tap Microphone, and then tap Allow only while using the app. Now you can chat with friends in real time while playing games!

  7. Now navigate to and start your preferred game. Tap the Game Booster icon in the bottom left corner.

  8. Tap the Discord icon, and then tap Allow. You’ll be able to search for and join a voice channel while you play your game. Make sure the voice channel is open and that there are other players currently in the channel.

    Discord icon highlighted on the Game Booster menu
  9. Tap the red Discord icon that appears to adjust settings while you are playing and chatting with friends. You can get an Invite Link, switch to a different channel, or open the Discord app. You can also turn the sound on and off, or mute and unmute your device's microphone. Tap the Hangup icon to exit the voice channel.

Use Game Plug-ins with Game Booster

Game Plug-ins can be added to Game Booster to help maximize your games. Each plug-in offers different settings and features, whether you need to keep track of your device's performance or want to set a timer for your gameplay.

  1. Navigate to and start your desired gaming app. Tap the Game Booster icon in the bottom left corner.

    Note: Swipe from the right side if you are using Landscape mode.

  2. Tap the Game Plug-in icon to the left of Settings; it looks like a small puzzle piece. Doing so will download the Game Plug-in app onto your phone.

    Game Plugin icon highlighted on the Game Booster menu
  3. Tap Agree, and then tap Allow if prompted. You can review the available plug-ins and choose from the following:

    • Game Booster Plus: You can customize your game’s performance based on your battery level and receive performance statistics.

    • Aim Assist: A special UI will help you during shooting games.

    • Game Clock: Sets an estimated wait time for games and then reminds you to continue playing.

    • Gif Creator: Lets you create GIF images to share with friends while you’re playing.

    • Perf Z: Sends you information about your device’s status, such as temperature and CPU usage.

    • Priority mode: Adjust additional settings for Priority mode for the best gaming performance and experience.

  4. Other than Game Booster Plus, each plug-in needs to be installed separately. To download one, tap the Install icon next to your desired plug-in. After it has installed, tap the switch next to it to turn it on. 

    Aim Assist switched on with Game Plugin
  5. Next, tap the plug-in you just downloaded. A short tutorial will play explaining how to use the plug-in. Some plug-ins have extra settings that you can customize from this page.

  6. When you're all set, navigate to your desired game. The installed plug-ins will now run while you're playing!

    Note: Some plug-ins may not be compatible with all gaming apps.

  7. If your ever need to adjust the plug-ins' settings, simply tap the Game Plug-ins icon from the Game Booster menu or open the app from the Apps screen. Alternatively, you can go to Game Launcher, tap More, and then tap Game Plug-ins.

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