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Samsung Airdresser in closet

Although it gives new life to your musty clothes, your AirDresser also needs to be kept refreshed. Because lint or other debris can build up over time, you'll need to clean the AirDresser every once in a while. And if you keep it well-maintained, your AirDresser won't just perform better, it will last longer.

Keep the AirDresser's exterior spotless

Because of its mirrored surface, the AirDresser can sometimes get fingerprint smudges or other small blemishes. No worries, you can easily get rid of them.

Use the AirDresser’s included cleaning cloth to gently wipe the exterior. For stubborn stains, dampen the cloth with some water, wipe the exterior, and then wipe it dry. Do NOT use abrasive or flammable cleaners on the AirDresser, and do NOT spray water directly onto the device.

Airdresser exterior

Use the Self Clean cycle to clean the interior

Note: This cycle does not eliminate mold or limestone residue.

There's no need to scrub the inside of your AirDresser; it can clean its own interior using the Self Clean cycle.

To use this cycle, first remove all items from inside the AirDresser, and then fill the Refill tank with filtered water.

Touch Power on the AirDresser’s control panel. Touch Special, and then use the arrows to choose Self Clean. Touch and hold Start/Pause for three seconds to activate the cycle. For the best results, do not stop the cycle or open the door before Self Clean is complete.

Airdresser control panel with Self Clean selected

Run a descaling cycle

Important: If you do not perform descaling immediately after getting the notification message, some functions may be restricted and the AirDresser’s performance may decrease.

When the AirDresser displays a descaling notification, you should perform a descaling cycle using a liquid descaling agent to help keep the AirDresser free of limescale and performing at its best. You can use a "liquid descaling agent" meant for coffee makers, which can be purchased online.

  1. When the “Descaling Required” message appears on the display, remove all items from the inside.

  2. Touch and hold Sanitize and Dry simultaneously for 3 seconds. Then, empty the supply and drain tanks.

  3. Next, fill the Refill Tank. Mix 4 ounces of descaling liquid with 45 ounces of filtered water up to the MAX line.

    Note: The Refill Tank is 50 ounces.

  4. Touch and hold Start/Pause to start the descaling process.

  5. If the “Empty Water” message appears on the display during the descaling cycle, empty the drain tank.

  6. When the “Refill/Drain the tank" message appears on the display, empty both the supply and drain tanks. Then, rinse them thoroughly.

  7. Fill the Refill Tank with clean, filtered water up to the MAX line, and then reinsert the supply and drain tanks.

  8. When the “Supply/Drain Complete” message appears on the display, touch and hold Start/Pause. If the "Empty Water" message appears on the display during descaling cycle, empty the drain tank.

  9. When the AirDresser is done descaling, empty the drain tank and fill the Refill Tank with filtered water.

Clean the water tanks

When you leave water sitting for too long, it can attract bacteria and get really gross. Therefore, you should clean both of the water tanks on a regular basis.

  1. First, remove the water tanks from the AirDresser by pulling the handles forward. Then, use a damp cloth to clean their exteriors.

    Remove water tank from airdresser
  2. To clean the tanks’ interiors, use a soft brush, such as a toothbrush. 

    Clean tank exterior
  3. You can also use a soft brush to clean the tanks’ inlet and outlet.

    Clean tank inlet and outlet
  4. Make sure both tanks are completely dry before you reinsert them into the AirDresser.

Freshen up the air and FreshFinish fragrance filters

If you frequently use the AirDresser to refresh heavy items or items that accumulate a large amount of dust or allergens, we recommend cleaning the air filter and replacing the FreshFinish filter frequently. A musty filter won’t do a good job of making musty items fresh again.

Air Filter

  1. Hold the bottom of the air filter cover and pull it out. While pressing the two hooks on the upper part of the filter, pull the filter forward to remove it.

    Pull out air filter
  2. Clean the filter with a soft brush while running it under water.

    Clean filter under running water
  3. Let the filter completely dry in a shaded area before reinserting it back into the AirDresser. Use the two hooks at the top of the filter to reconnect it.

    Reinsert filter
  4. To reattach the air filter cover, place the top of the cover into the back of the AirDresser, and then push the cover inward.

    Reattach the air filter cover

Fresh Finish filter

  1. Take out the Fresh Finish filter by pulling it up and out of the Fresh Finish Compartment. 

    Fragrance filter being pulled out of Air Dresser
  2. Remove the used dryer sheet from the filter, and insert a new one into the groove. 

    Fragrance sheet being pulled out of fragrance filter
  3. Do not use fabric softener sheets for the fragrance filter; it is recommended that you use only the dedicated dryer sheets for your AirDresser.

    Note: Dryer Sheets not provided. Scent strength may differ based on dryer sheet used. Scent may remain inside AirDresser after cycle is complete. Discard dryer sheets after each cycle to prevent mold growth.

Clear up the lint filter

Just like a dryer, the AirDresser collects leftover lint and debris from clothing. Over time, the lint filter will become filled with lint, which can affect its performance. For the best results, we recommend cleaning the lint filter before and after running a cycle on the AirDresser.

  1. Open the lint filter cover, and then remove the lint filter.

    Open lint filter
  2. Clean the filter with a soft brush while running it under water.

    Clean lint filter with soft brush
  3. Let the lint filter completely dry in a shaded area before reinserting it back into the AirDresser.

  4. Once you reinsert the lint filter, close the filter cover.

Note: Make sure to replace a damaged lint filter.

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