Refresh your wardrobe with your Samsung AirDresser

Suits hanging in an Airdresser

If you're pressed for time and need to refresh your clothes for an important event, the AirDresser is your go-to solution. This innovative appliance, designed to look like a sleek closet, uses steam and sanitization cycles to revitalize your garments, making them event-ready in no time. It's perfect for refreshing lightly worn sweaters or sanitizing bedroom blankets, ensuring you and your wardrobe are prepared for any occasion.

Benefits of the AirDresser

The AirDresser simplifies garment care with features tailored to various fabric types. It removes allergens and odors, smooths out creases with its steam function, and dries coats quickly after a downpour. This appliance is bound to become an indispensable part of your home, making clothing maintenance effortless.

Trousers hanging in the AirDresser

Do's and don'ts of using your AirDresser

While the AirDresser is versatile, it's not suitable for all fabrics. Always check garment tags for care instructions to avoid damage. Here are essential tips:

  • Do not use the AirDresser for items requiring dry cleaning or heavily soiled garments. These should be cleaned professionally or washed traditionally.

  • Do use specific cycles for delicate items like fur, leather, and embellished fabrics to ensure they are cared for correctly.

AirDresser accessories for optimal care

The AirDresser comes with accessories designed to cater to a variety of clothing and household items. Utilize Air Hangers for shirts and coats, and the Weight Kit for trousers and skirts to keep them crease-free. For smaller items, the built-in shelf and accessory care zone are perfect for organizing and refreshing without hanging.

Special Air Hangers in a Samsung Airdresser

FAQs: Understanding the AirDresser further

  • The AirDresser is not a replacement for dry cleaning but an addition to care for light wrinkles and odors.

  • It does not require a water line. Simply fill the reservoir with filtered water.

  • It is designed to be safe and emits no harmful heat or moisture, but a minimum clearance is recommended.

  • It includes safety features like Child Lock and an anti-tip strap for added security. With its ability to dehumidify and its compatibility with SmartThings, the AirDresser is a versatile and user-friendly addition to any home.

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