Install, set up, and charge your Jet Stick

A Jet Stick Vacuum sitting against the wall in a living room

The Jet Stick is an advanced vacuum, which means setting it up will require a few more steps than an ordinary vacuum. The charging stand not only powers up the battery, it also provides a convenient storage spot for the vacuum and its attachments. Before you know it you'll be reaching for your Jet Stick every time there's a spill.

Set up the charging stand

Before anything else, you’ll need to set up the vacuum’s charging stand. Think of it as the hub for your Jet Stick.

  1. Attach the vacuum’s stand pipe to the bottom support. Push the stand pipe in firmly, and make sure the screw hole is aligned properly. Tightly secure the pipe to the bottom support with the included small screw.

    Vacuum stand pipe with hand holding screwdriver
  2. Attach the vacuum charging part to the top of the stand pipe. Do NOT disassemble it after you've put it together.

    Vacuum charging part being inserted into stand pipe
  3. Connect the power cord to the rear of the charging stand. Hold the connection part of the cord and push it onto the connection pins firmly. Make sure the gray lines on the tip of the cord are not visible.

    Power cord being inserted into back of charging stand
  4. Insert the power cord into the groove on the bottom of the support. This will help hide the cord and also make it so the charging stand can be installed snugly against a wall.

    Power cord being inserted into the groove of charging stand
  5. If this is your first time using the Jet Stick, place the battery in the charging stand so it can charge.

    The vacuum battery being inserted into the charging stand

Assemble the vacuum

Once the battery is charged you can assemble and start using the vacuum. There are multiple pieces, but they come together in just a few clicks.

  1. Slide the battery into the slot on the back of the vacuum. The battery compartment is behind the dust bin, above the small silver pipe.

    Hand inserting battery into JetStick Vacuum
  2. Insert the long silver pipe into the bottom of the small silver pipe that is attached to the dust bin.

    JetStick Pipe
  3. Attach the long silver pipe to your desired brush head, such as the Soft Action Brush or the Wet Brush.

    Person inserting the pipe into the Soft Brush
  4. Attach the Brush holder to the front of the vacuum’s dust bin, and then attach the different accessories.

    JetStick brush holder

Charge the vacuum's battery

If you’ve already set up the charging stand, you can use it whenever the vacuum’s battery needs some juice. Simply place the vacuum on the charging stand, and make sure the charging stand is plugged into a power source.

The battery level indicator blinks while it's charging. When the battery is completely charged the blinking will stop and the light level will dim.

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