Use the Wet Cycle on your Jet Stick

JetStick using the wet cycle on floor

Your Jet Stick vacuum can be used on a variety of surfaces to suck up dust and dirt, but it can also be turned into a mop when you need to wipe up spills or splatters. The Wet Brush component is perfect for cleaning up floors such as hardwood or linoleum. Once the mop accessories have been used, be sure to carefully clean and store them so they're ready for the next mess.

Use the Wet Brush

Note: The Wet Brush is only available with select models. If your model's panel has a WET option, then it is compatible.

The Wet Brush's two rotating disks can clean up liquid messes on your floors. The Jet Stick’s Wet Cycle cleaning mode will be activated once you attach the Wet Brush to the vacuum. Remember, the Wet Cycle does not have any suction power.

Connect the Wet Brush to the Adjustable Pipe to begin. The “Wet” option will appear on the Jet Stick’s display, so you’ll know when it’s ready. There are two kinds of wet pads that can be attached to the Wet Brush to form the mop: multi-use and single-use wet pads.

The thinner single-use pads should be discarded after each use, and the thicker multi-use pads can be used continuously. Use the single-use pads for extra dirty messes to avoid ruining the multi-use pads.

Wet Cycle being selected on Jet Stick

Attach the single-use wet pads to the Wet Brush’s spin disks using the provided attachable pads. The Velcro sides of the attachable pads should be facing down, and the softer sides should be facing up. Place the attachable pads on the spin disks, and then place the single-use wet pads on top. You don’t need to use the attachable pads for the multi-use wet pads; just put them on the Wet Brush to start mopping your floors.

Next, remove the refillable water tank on the Wet Brush. Pour a small amount of water into the tank, and then replace the tank inside the Wet Brush. Now you're good to go!

You should only use the provided Jet Stick wet pads for the Wet Brush. You can purchase replacement pads from our Accessories page.

Clean and store the Wet Brush and pads

If you’ve attached the single-use wet pads to the Wet Brush, just throw them away when you're finished. However, the multi-use wet pads should be washed and dried after each use.

To properly clean the multi-use wet pads, remove them from the Wet Brush’s spin disks and soak them in water and soap. Wring out the excess water and allow the pads to dry by setting them aside. Once they are completely dry, you may reattach the pads to the Wet Brush. You can also toss the pads in the washing machine with a load of towels.

The Wet Brush should be stored using the Brush Holder on the vacuum's charging stand. You can leave the multi-use wet pads on the Wet Brush after they’ve been cleaned and dried.

Cleaning multi Use Wet Pads
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