Differences between the Galaxy S22 models

Galaxy S22 series phones lined up next to each other

The new Galaxy S22 devices have arrived! With three incredible models to choose from, you might be wondering which is the best for you and your needs. Luckily, the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra all offer an excellent camera, considerable battery power, and large displays. Plus, there’s plenty of memory for all of your apps and photos. Check out the details here so you can decide which Galaxy S22 model is perfect for you. 


If you love taking cinematic videos and beautiful photos, look no further than the Galaxy S22 series cameras. From selfies to portraits, each model will let you create impressive content that can be shared with your friends, family, and social media apps.

See below for each model’s camera breakdown:

  • Galaxy S22: A 10MP front camera and 3 rear cameras, including a 12MP Ultra Wide lens, 50MP Wide lens, and 10MP Telephoto lens (3x optical zoom).

  • Galaxy S22+: A 10MP front camera and 3 rear cameras, including a 12MP Ultra Wide lens, 50MP Wide lens, and 10MP Telephoto lens (3x optical zoom).

  • Galaxy S22 Ultra: A 40MP front camera and 5 rear cameras, including a 12MP Ultra Wide lens, 108MP Wide lens, and two 10MP Telephoto lenses (3x and 10x optical zoom).

A closeup of Galaxy S22 series cameras

Screen size

Do you prefer a larger screen or something more compact? The Galaxy S22 models offer three screen sizes to choose from. 

Here is a comparison: 

  • Galaxy S22: The screen size is 6.1 inches.

  • Galaxy S22+: The screen size is 6.6 inches.

  • Galaxy S22 Ultra: The screen size is 6.8 inches.

Galaxy S22 series screen sizes


The three Galaxy S22 models can be used for hours on end, thanks to their significant battery capacities. Remember that the greater the number, the more powerful the battery is.

Here are the battery specs for each model:

  • Galaxy S22: The battery is 3,700mAh.

  • Galaxy S22+: The battery is 4,500mAh.

  • Galaxy S22 Ultra: The battery is 5,000mAh.

Battery charging on Galaxy S22 Ultra

Note: Chargers are not included and can be purchased separately on our website.


All three Galaxy S22 models include tons of memory for downloading games and saving precious photos. Depending on your personal needs, you can select from 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, and even 1TB!

  • The Galaxy S22 and S22+ are available with 128GB or 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM.

  • The Galaxy S22 Ultra is available with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, 256GB or 512GB of storage and 12GB of RAM, or 1TB of storage and 12GB of RAM.

Galaxy S22 with pages being flipped


Every Galaxy S22 model is 5G compatible with both sub-6 and mmWave networks, which means you’ll be able to call, text, and post to your favorite social media accounts at any time!

Galaxy S22 Ultra with speed lines coming out of screen
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