Introducing Next Home for your 2023 Samsung TV

Samsung TV displaying the new Smart Hub

The Smart Hub feature is an integral part of Samsung TVs… after all, it lets you conveniently connect to streaming apps, find new content to watch, and more! Just like everything else at Samsung, we are always trying to improve our TVs' software. So, the Smart Hub, now known as Next Home on newer models, has gotten a makeover! It has the same things you already love, like streaming service suggestions, but now there's also a Gaming Hub and an NFT marketplace.

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On previous TV models, the Smart Hub menu would appear at the bottom of the TV’s screen. Starting with the 2022 line, Next Home pulls opens a separate menu that is easier to see and navigate. Content may continue to play depending on what tab you choose. But don’t worry if the content temporarily closes - Next Home will save whatever you were just watching!

Media highlighted on the Smart Hub menu

In addition to the new visual layout, Next Home has a convenient sidebar on the left. The sidebar is broken down into five sections, categorizing different features and settings in a streamlined design. To open Next Home, just press the Home button on your remote. The following tabs will be available:

  • Menu: Need to change something or connect a Bluetooth device? The Menu tab lets you access Settings and Connected Devices. From here, you can access or change pretty much any setting on your TV! And of course, you can manage any devices you’ve previously connected or would like to pair.

  • Media: The Media tab is your hub for all things entertainment. Available streaming apps will display at the top of the screen, such as Netflix, Samsung TV Plus, and more. Next Home will learn your viewing patterns over time and suggest movies and shows based on what you like! Some content or services may require a subscription.

  • Ambient: Access Ambient Mode settings to customize your TV’s screen when it isn’t being used. You can make your TV display a relaxing photo, a picturesque image, or a funky background to keep things interesting. And if you’re into NFT artwork, Ambient Mode now has an entire NFT section with content from the Nifty Gateway marketplace!

  • Gaming Hub: Run out of console games to play? Check out the new Gaming Hub, a discovery platform that includes games you can stream right on your TV! Browse new releases, indie gems, or simply go back to that one game you can't put down. There are also multiple playing options, so the possibilities are endless.

  • Search: Instead of browsing content aimlessly, you can search for specific movies or shows with this tab. Type out keywords using the search bar at the top or say a command using your remote! Your recent Search History and Popular searches will appear on this page as well.

  • Privacy Choices: If you are worried about your personal information being sold or compromised, head over to Privacy Choices. On this tab, you can review the TV’s Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Privacy Center.

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