Routine Refrigerator Maintenance

Deep clean your refrigerator

Giving your refrigerator a deep clean every six months will help to keep it in tip-top shape. Since there are so many nooks and crannies that can easily hide spills and messes, you’ll need to remove all the food from inside of your refrigerator so you can really get in there and clean. Watch this video for full details.

Replace the water filter in your refrigerator

You need a clean water filter to get fresh, filtered water. We recommend that you replace the water filter every six months. The refrigerator's water filter light will let you know when those six months are up and should be reset after changing the filter.

Control the humidity in your vegetable crisper drawers

The crisper drawers on many Samsung refrigerators come with a Humidity Control setting. You can use this setting to preserve fruits and vegetables and keep them from spoiling. Depending on what types of fruits and veggies you're storing, you can use the different settings to keep food fresher for longer.

Seasonal care

When the temperature outside starts to change, it can affect certain things about your fridge. When it's warm outside, it's warmer in the house, which means warm air gets inside the fridge every time the door is opened. Some common issues you could experience with your fridge can be prevented by keeping your refrigerator clean. If you are having trouble, these guides can help you understand what to do to resolve and prevent it from happening again.

Water dispenser: If your water doesn't dispense or is not dispensing as expected, check out this guide.

Fridge/Freezer not cooling: If your fridge or freezer aren't cold enough, check out this guide. If your fridge or freezer are too cold:

Frost forms in freezer/fridge: If you notice frost forming in your freezer or fridge compartment, this guide will tell you what to check and how to prevent it.

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