You’re just a tap away from Shahid VIP,
only on Samsung TVs

Samsung TV is now bringing you closer to great entertainment with Shahid VIP.

If you fancy Arabic movies, TV shows, and other local content, you’re in for a treat. Samsung has partnered with Shahid, the world’s leading streaming platform for Arabic content, setting a new standard for home entertainment.

Shahid at your fingertips

Samsung Smart TVs are crafted to deliver the ultimate watching experience. Now with a dedicated Shahid button right on your Samsung Smart TV One Remote control, a single click will bring you Shahid VIP’s premium content in a flash. It’s time to say goodbye to boring old menus.

Treat yourself with epic adventures

There are reasons behind Shahid being the world’s leading Arabic streaming platform – A gigantic library of films and exclusive TV series & shows that cater to all genres, a premium array of originals that will dazzle your mind, a Live TV that allows you to tune into the most renowned and viewed TV channels from the region, and on top of that, you have the ease to watch, browse, find what you love, and create your watch list.

Stream that show everyone's been talking about and watch that movie you've always had on your list. There's so many shows, movies, and games out there — and now they're at your fingertips.

Bring the theatre to your living room

Shahid’s gripping films, binge-worthy TV shows, and Originals are meant to be enjoyed on the big screen. With sizes up to 85”, Neo QLED TVs will bring out every detail on the screen to life. Complement the stunning cinematic experience, with a theatrical sound that will make you feel like you're right there. The immersive, powerful sound of Samsung Q-series soundbars will bring you closer to your favourite stars from the comfort of your couch.

Streaming beyond all boundaries.

Elevate your home entertainment with Shahid on your Samsung TV.

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