How to remove if the washing machine display has water condensation on it?

Last Update date : 2021-03-16

Most settings on your washer will use at least a little bit of hot water. Hot water can easily steam and cause humid conditions. When the air is humid, condensation occurs on the coldest objects in the room, and since your washer's control panel is made from materials that cool quickly, that's where condensation is likely to occur. All of this is completely normal.


Reasons for condensation on the washing machine display

  1. Putting the washing machine in a closed place without ventilation.
  2.  Close the washing machine door after use directly without ventilation.
  3. clogged filters can be a reason for condensation.
1 If you have a washing machine or tumble dryer on your property, ensure that it is vented correctly.
2 Clogged filters can cause leakages and unnecessary energy waste, condensation as well.
3 Installing an exhaust fan in the laundry room will be far more effective in eliminating moisture.
4 Opening a window can help.

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