What to check if the Samsung AC creates noise and vibrates on its indoor unit?

Last Update date : 2023-02-05

Now more than ever, air conditioners are quiet today. And Samsung aims to ensure that's how it always is with your air conditioner. High-efficiency AC.

Air conditioner

  • Units incorporate compressors to keep noise levels low. So if you hear unusual sounds coming from your air conditioner during normal operation, don't ignore them, as this could be a sign that the unit needs a repair or upgrade.
  • Ignoring the mysterious noises from your AC can turn minor issues into major expenses, as these noises could signal anything from needing a simple tune-up to costly repairs, to worst-case replacement of the entire unit. The sooner you can determine the cause of the noise and resolve your AC issues, the better.

Reasons for noise or vibrate from indoor unite

  1. The filter is not installed properly or the cover filter is not closed in the right way.
  2. obstacle front of the indoor or outdoor unit
  3. The indoor fan motor is loose or about to fail. Fan blades are loose or out of balance.
  4. Refrigerant leaks, resulting in your air conditioning freezing up. If it’s conditioning not cooling, this could be why.

How to fix the noise from the indoor unit

Filter or filter cover

  • Check if the noise occurred after air filter cleaning.
  • If the noise has been occurred after cleaning the air filter, check that the filter is inserted normally.
  • Check that cover is closed properly.

  • Check if there is any obstacle in front of the indoor unit outlet.
  • Noise can occur if the obstacle is contacting the fan of the indoor unit. 
  • Please remove the obstacle that you see like a curtain, foreign substances open front panel.
Fan or motor loose

  • If the indoor unit is not leveled and the installed place is not flat, noise can be occurred because of the operation vibration. Please install the indoor unit in a level and flat location.
  • If there is a loose in the fan or motor is things hard to know for normal users. that time needs to check by the expert technical team.
Refrigerant gas leaks

  • Gas flowing sound can be occurred due to refrigerant gas circulation in the product.
  • Water is generated in the product during operation. Therefore water flowing sound can be occurred due to drain. This is a normal condition, a little water flowing sound can be occurred due to product operation.
  • Check if there is any gas/water flowing sound in the product.

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