What to do when I get electrical shocks while opening the Samsung refrigerator?

Last Update date : 2022-11-30

Electric shock is very dangerous and may cause death.  It can happen if an exposed hot wire is touching some part of the frame of your refrigerator. Please make sure that proper precautions are applied on your Samsung Refrigerator.


Electric shock accidents may happen and you must do the following once you experience it.

  1. Remove the plug from the electrical socket.
  2. Turn off the circuit breaker.
Steps to know the reason for electrical shock.
1 Check if there is water leakage from the fridge or from a different source.
2 Make sure that the refrigerator is grounded.

The refrigerator can accumulate static electricity on its surface and can shock if someone touches its metal part. If the Samsung Refrigerator is properly grounded, this static electricity would have been removed. This rule must be applied  for a refrigerator and for any other appliance.

3 Avoid octopus wiring by connecting your Samsung Refrigerator to a shared electrical socket.

Other appliances connected to the same extension plug or extension wire may cause electrical leakage that can cause electrical shocks.


If the following tips are not helpful, you may need to book for a service visit.  Please call our contact center to get help about the issue and our helpful agents will be there to help you.


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