Why the washing machine shows a door lock sign?

Last Update date : 2023-08-01

The door lock in washing machines is designed for safety , if a door lock indicator sign appears on the washing machine dashboard, it means that the door cannot be opened because the drum is hot or the cycle has not been completed.


What to do if the door lock indicator is on but the washing cycle is complete?

If the door lock sign remains on the display after completing the cycles, this indicates that the door will not be able to open. There are some steps you can take to open the door and remove the door lock sign from your display.

Make sure the timer has expired and the water has fully drained. If you need to cancel the cycle, touch Start/Pause (Hold to Start). There are a few things to keep in mind when a cycle has completed.

  • It may take a few moments for the door lock mechanism to disengage.
  • Make sure the door lock light is off. This light turns off after the washer has drained.
  • If the washer is paused after the water is supplied, the door cannot be opened until one minute has passed.

On some models like front load washers, Child Lock will lock the door. This is to prevent children from opening the door and potentially getting hurt. 

How do I deactivate Child Lock?

On models with the Temporary off setting, press and hold both buttons once to make the icon flash, then press and hold both buttons once more to make the icon turn off, to deactivate Child Lock. Although your panel should have obvious markings for these buttons, you can always consult your user manual for more details

1 Power off and unplug the washing machine
2 Open the filter cover (A) with a tool.
3 Put an empty, spacious container around the cover, and stretch the emergency drain tube to the container while holding the tube cap
4 Open the tube cap and let the water in the emergency drain tube flow into the container.
5 When done, close the tube cap, and reinsert the tube. Then, close the filter cover.
6 Run the washing machine on the cotton cycle and choose a temperature of 90 degrees or a baby care option.

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