Using One Handed Mode on my Samsung Phone

Last Update date : 2023-11-16

In the dynamic world of smartphones, navigating and interacting with your device seamlessly can be challenging, especially when confined to using one hand. Samsung's One-Handed Mode addresses this concern by intelligently shrinking the screen size and positioning it to one side of the display, transforming your phone into a compact and manageable tool.

One-Handed Mode

Temporarily scale down the display size of your screen using One-handed mode for easier control of your phone with just one hand. Follow the below guide to learn how to steup and use One-handed mode on your Samsung phone.

1 Head into your Settings > Advanced Features
 One hand
2 Tap on One-handed mode
 One hand
3 Toggle on this setting
 One hand
4 Choose your preferred action to launch One-handed mode
 One hand
5 Depending on the action you selected, you can activate One-handed mode by swiping down on the center of the bottom edge of the screen or by double-tapping the home button.
 One hand
6 If you would like to switch sides of your minimize window, tap on arrow icon
 One hand
7 To adjust the window size simply drag the blue dot at the top corner of the screen to your preferred size
Adjust Window size

To exit out of One-handed mode simply tap on the empty space outside the window.

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