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Last Update date : Jan 15. 2024

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On the control panel of the AirDresser, you will see a section named Professional Care. Under Professional Care are 2 options, Dry Cycles and Special Cycles. If you would like to learn about the normal Care Modes of your AirDresser, please click here.

Below you find the details as to what each of those options does and what features are available.

Note: Available cycles may vary depending on the product model. For more information on a specific model, it is recommended to find your suitable user manual.

Dry Cycles

Do NOT use any of the following items for Dry cycles:

  • Leather, fur, feather, velvet, and silk.
  • Any items containing rubber or sponge.
  • Items made of wool blended fabrics, water-repellent fabrics, silk blended or hemp blended fabrics.
  • Fur blankets with fur exceeding a length of 1 cm, wool blankets, carpets, and mattresses.
  • Lingerie with laces, pantyhose, and stockings.

Please be advised that drying results may vary depending on the thickness of the items.

Note: If you would like to know more about using care recipe on the SmartThings App for your AirDresser, click here.






Sensor Dry

The AirDresser automatically sets the time to dry items.



  • Using Sensor Dry causes the Drain Tank to fill quickly.
  • Sensor Dry may not dry excessively wet items and large or bulky items well. If items are not dry, run the cycle again.



Time Dry

Manually set the time (1 -3 hours) to dry items.



  • Time Dry may not dry excessively wet items and large or bulky items well. If items are not dry, run the cycle again.



Room Care

For dehumidifying the surrounding area. You can select 2 or 4 hours.



  • Make sure the product is empty when using Room Care.
  • The indoor temperature may increase.

Special cycles






For sharpening creases in trousers



  • Put the jacket in the middle air hole and trousers on the right air hole.
  • For best results, use with weight kit.

School Uniform

For school uniforms that cannot be washed or dried daily.




For woollen or knit items.



  • To avoid deforming items, neatly fold items and lay on the shelf.
  • Some wool shrinks when washed in hot water. Make sure fabrics are washable/hand washable before using Normal or Sanitize cycle. 


For outdoor or active wear.



Down Jackets

To fluff heavy, down-filled jackets that have been stored for a long time.



  • To prevent blocking air circulation, hang only one item in the middle air hole.





Eliminates moisture and dust from fur and leather items.

*Leather must be 100% natural leather (no artificial leather)



  • Operating noises may be louder during this cycle.
  • Follow all item care labels.
  • For best results, use for one item.
  • Make sure fur items are dry before using this cycle.


Heavy Duty

For multiple items.



Self Clean

Automatically cleans the AirDresser.



  • Make sure the AirDresser is empty.
  • For best results and optimal cleaning, do not stop the cycle or open the door before Self Clean is complete.
  • This cycle does not eliminate mould.
  • Use this cycle to automatically clean the inside of the product.


Use this cycle to sanitize your clothes with steam.



  • Do not put more than one large or bulky item. Large or bulky items may block steam and flow.
  • If you stop or change the cycle after the Sanitize cycle begins to operate, items may get damaged or not dry completely.

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