Cleaning your Samsung AirDresser

Last Update date : Sep 06. 2023

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To get the best out of your AirDresser with every cycle and also to ensure it lasts, you will need to perform maintenance on the product from time to time. What this will involve is cleaning the exterior, water tank supply, drain tank, air and lint filter, water tray, and descaling the product.

Please follow the steps below to see what steps need to be taken to maintain your AirDresser.

Use a smooth cloth to clean the exterior. For stubborn stains, use a damp cloth and then wipe dry.


  • Unplug the product before cleaning it. 
  • Do not use abrasive or flammable cleaners. 
  • Do not spray water directly onto the product when cleaning it.

Cleaning the Water & Drain Tanks

1. Wipe the outside of the water tank clean with a wet towel so that it does not gather any foreign material.

2. Wipe the inside of the water tank clean with a soft brush.
Note: Putting liquids other than water, such as detergent or fabric softener, into the water supply tank can cause the product to malfunction.

3. Once cleaning is finished, completely remove any moisture on the outside of the water tank and reattach it to the product.
Note: Make sure to wipe clean the water supply inlet connected to the water supply tank and the drain nozzle connected to the water drain tank using a soft brush in order to prevent them from clogging.

Cleaning the Air Filter

1. Hold the bottom of the air cover, push up a little and then pull it out.

2. Press on the two hooks on the upper part of the filter and pull to remove.

3. Use a brush and running water to clean the filter.

4. Completely dry the filter in a shaded area and reinsert the filter.

5. Insert the top of the cover into the product and then push the cover.


  • Do not place the filter in direct sunlight when drying as this may make the filter material brittle and more prone to damage.

Cleaning the Lint Filter

1. Locate the lint filter above the water tank and drain tank. Remove the cover.

2. Then, remove the lint filter.

3. Use a brush and running water to clean the filter. Let the filter completely dry in a shaded area before reinserting and closing the cover.

Insert the water tray as shown in the figures.

  • Make sure the side marked ‘TOP’ is facing upward.
  • Empty the water tray on a regular basis. 
  • Make sure to reinsert the water tray after emptying the water.

NOTE: If the AIRDRESSER  is placed on a carpet (A), you may not be able to insert the tray. In this case, assemble the provided rear levelling feet on the bottom-rear side of AIRDRESSER to raise it from the carpet (A), and then insert the tray.

Descaling needs to be performed immediately after getting the notification message, otherwise some functions may be restricted for use and may decrease performance or even shorten the lifespan of the product.

1 When the Descaling Required message appears on the display, remove all items from the product and then tap and hold Sanitize and Dry for 3 seconds.
2 Empty the Refill Tank and the Drain Tank.
3 Dilute a descaling agent with water as recommended by the manufacturer.
4 Fill the Refill Tank with the diluted descaling agent up to the MAX line.
5 Tap and hold Start/Pause to start descaling.
6 When the Refill/Drain the tank message appears on the display, empty both the Refill Tank and the Drain Tank, and then rinse them thoroughly.
7 Fill the Refill Tank with clean water up to the MAX line, and then reinsert the Refill Tank and the Drain Tank.
8 When the Supply/Drainage Complete message appears on the display, tap and hold Start/Pause.
9 When the descaling is complete, empty the Drain Tank and fill the Refill Tank with water.


  • Vibrations and noise may occur during the descaling process, however, this is normal and there is no problem with the product.
  • You may see the Refill the tank message when you use the product the first time after descaling. This is also normal. Fill the Refill Tank with water and press Start/Pause to resume.
  • Bubbles may form if the descaling agent is not rinsed thoroughly. Make sure to rinse the Refill Tank and the Drain Tank thoroughly after descaling.

If you require further assistance, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page or contact our Samsung Care Australia experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia). You can also contact our Chat Support team or reach us through Samsung Members Community.

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