How to Clean the Wind-Free Air Conditioner Filters

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2021

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For enjoyable fresh, clean air, it is recommended to clean the air conditioner filter and upper cover every 2 weeks. Check the type of your appliance before the cleaning process. This video includes the filter cleaning process of a wind-free air conditioner with an upper cover as well. Please be careful not to injure yourself during operation.

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How to clean air conditioner filters How to clean air conditioner filters

It is normal for the unit to generate some noise while operating. A high level of dust in the filter may reduce the wind or cause abnormal noise. It is recommended to clean the filter every 2 weeks.

  • If the ‘CF’ code appears on the indoor unit display, it means your filters need to be cleaned. After cleaning and reinstalling the filter, reset the filter cleaning reminder. 
  • The time between cleanings may vary depending on the usage and environmental conditions. 
  • If the use environment is subject to excessive dust exposure, filter dust blockage may occur before the 'CF' code appears on the indoor unit.
Cleaning the Wind-Free Air Conditioner Filters


  • If the appliance is a wind-free model, the panels and filters can be removed and cleaned.
  • If it is a basic type model, only the filter on the top of the product can be removed and cleaned.

1. Turn off the air conditioner and disconnect the power supply before cleaning.

2. Slide the filter off of from the air conditioning unit. 

• If the filter has an upper side cover, lift the upper cover up and then release the filter.

3. Use vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or debris on the filter. If the filter has excessive dust, rinse the filter under running water and scrub with a soft brush.

4. After cleaning the filter and let it air dry in a well‑ventilated area that is out of direct sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause deformation in the filter.

6. Reinstall the filter. 

7.  Reset the filter-cleaning reminder: In operation options > Select Filter Resetset


  • Take care not to damage the filter during cleaning. 
  • Do not scrub the air filter with a hard‑bristle brush or another cleaning utensil. 
  • Do not expose the air filter to direct sunlight when drying it.
Cleaning the Wind-Free Panel

Warning: Do NOT use acetone, benzene, or alcohol to clean the unit surfaces.

1. Pull the airflow blade open.

2. Hold and pull both sides of the Wind-Free panel until it comes free from the air conditioner. 

3. Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove any dust. 

4. Hang the Wind-Free panel in the grooves at the bottom left and right. 

5. Align the projections of the Wind-Free panel with the grooves at the top, middle, and bottom of the front panel. 

6. After inserting the Wind-Free panel, press the top and bottom by hand until you here it clicking into place, so that there is no gap to the panel. (The number of grooves and locations can vary depending on the model.)


  •  If you attach the Wind-Free panel without the airflow blade being open, it may become obstructed by the Wind-Free panel and may not open properly.
  • The upper cover may not open properly if the filter is not fitted well.

Check the blade operation:


1. Plug in the indoor unit and press the power button on the remote control.

2. Then, select Cool, Fan mode to check the blade operation. 

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