Layout and Features of the Samsung Induction Cooktop

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2021

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When you place your cookware on a cooking zone and you turn it on, the electronic circuits in your induction hob produce “induced currents” in the bottom of the cookware which instantly raises your cookware’s temperature.

As the pan is heated directly and not the glass, the efficiency is greater than in other systems because no heat is lost. Most of the energy absorbed is transformed into heat, giving your greater speed in cooking and frying.

Below is the layout of the cooktop and control panel. Further down you can also see what features the Induction cooktop offers.

Cooking Zones

1 Induction rear Bridge zone 1800 W with Power Boost 2600 W
2 Induction front Bridge zone 1800 W with Power Boost 2600 W
3 Induction complete Bridge zone 3300 W with Power Boost 3600 W
4 Induction cooking zone 2200 W with Power Boost 3200 W
5 Induction cooking zone 1200 W with Power Boost 2000 W
6 Control panel

Control Panel

1 Cooking zone selectors
2 Heat setting selectors
3 Lock control sensor
4 On/Off control sensor
5 Timer control sensor and indicator
6 Indicators for heat settings and residual heat
7 Ready Pan
8 Pause
9 Complete Bridge zone selector

The Key Features of your Appliance


Ceramic glass cooking surface: The appliance has a ceramic glass cooking surface and four rapid - response cooking zones

Touch control sensors: Your appliance is operated using touch control sensors.

Easy cleaning: One advantage of the ceramic glass cooking surface and the control sensors is their accessibility. The smooth, flat surface is easy to clean.

On/Off sensor: The “On/Off” control sensor provides the appliance with a separate mains switch. Touching this sensor switches the power supply on or off completely.

Control and function indicators: Digital displays and indicator lights provide information about settings and activated functions, as well as the presence of residual heat in the various cooking zones.

Safety shut-off: A safety shutoff ensures that cooking zones switch off automatically after a period of time if the setting has not been changed.

Power Boost: Use this function to heat up the contents of the pan faster than maximum power level ‘ ’. (The display will show ‘ ’).

Residual heat indicator: An icon for residual heat appears in the display if the cooking zone is so hot that there is a risk of burning.

Auto Pan-Detection: Each cooking zone incorporates an automatic pan-detection system, the system is calibrated in order to recognize pans of a diameter just slightly smaller than the cooking zone. Pans must always be placed centrally on each cooking zone. And you should use suitable cookware.

Digital displays:

  •  Switched on icon the appliance has been switched on.
  •  Number one icon to Number fifteen iconP icon selected heat settings.
  •  Uppercase h icon residual heat (Stay Hot)
  • Lowercase h icon residual heat
  • Uppercase L icon the child lock is activated.
  • S E error message icon error message, the touch sensor button has been touched for longer than 8 seconds
  • Overheated icon error message, when the hob is overheated because of abnormal operation. (example: operation with empty cookware).
  • Circle with a line underneath icon message, cookware is unsuitable or too small or no cookware has been placed on the cooking zone.

Pause Play and Pause icon: Use this function to switch all cooking zones on to the low power setting. The display will show 'Number two icon'.

Complete Bridge zone selector Bridge zone selector icon: Use this function to expand the cooking zone into the complete left side.

Ready Pan Preheat pan icon: Use this function to preheat the pan.

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