How do I disable functions on my washing machine?

Last modified : Jun 13. 2018

The Child-Lock function is a safety feature that protects children from accidentally getting hurt, when the washing machine is powered on. This function also protects elderly and the frail.


To enable the Child-Lock function, follow the steps below:


1 Press the Power button to go to an initial washing mode. You can start washing by pressing the Start/Pause button.
2 To activate Child-Lock, press and hold both the Rinse and Spin buttons down simultaneously for 3 seconds. If the Child-Lock function is activated, the Child-Lock icon will start blinking.

Please note: You cannot perform this function when the washing machine is Off.

Control Panel
3 After activating the Child-Lock function, please observe the following operations:
  • Even if the Child-Lock function is activated, every button should work until the door opens.
  • When you open the door while the Child-Lock function is active, the alarm should sound and an error message should appear. In 30 seconds, draining should begin automatically. However, if you close the door within 30 seconds, water will not drain. (The machine should display error messages such as “CL”, “dE”).
  • If 30 seconds have passed after opening the cover when the Child-Lock function is active, "CL" is displayed and the washer will not run. If there is water in the washing tub, the water will automatically be drained.
  • De-activate Child-Lock function to add more laundry.
4 To deactivate the Child-Lock function, press and hold both the Rinse and Spin buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds again. If the Child-Lock function is deactivated, the Child-Lock icon is turned off.
5 To clear “CL” error on the display, close the door of the washer after completely draining the water in the tub. Then, turn the power Off and then turn it back On.

Please note:


  • CL is a code displayed when the Child-Lock function is active.
  • This function is to prevent injury and malfunction of the product due to inappropriate operations or actions by children, the elderly or the frail.
  • If the door opens when the Child-Lock function is activated, the water will be drained by force to prevent children from drowning.
  • Even if the power is turned Off and then On, the Child-Lock remains activate.
  • Once Child-Lock is activated; even when the power is turned Off or if the door is opened, water will automatically be drained within 30 seconds.
  • The Child-Lock function cannot be deactivated when "CL" prompt is displayed. However, the Child-Lock function can be deactivated when the "dE" error is displayed.

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