What is the ideal temperature setting on my refrigerator?

Last Update date : Apr 05. 2023

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For optimal cooling for your Samsung fridge, it is strongly recommended to install away from any heat sources and to ensure there is enough space around the fridge

If the temperature in the freezer and refrigerator compartment is too high or too low, manual temperature adjustment is necessary.

Ideal Temperature

The ideal temperature settings for the freezer and refrigerator compartments are -19°C and 3°C (-2°F and 38°F).

How to Adjust the Temperature


  • Set the desired temperature between -15 °C and -23 °C by pressing the -Freezer button.
  • The default setting is -19 °C, and each time you press the freezer button, the temperature changes and appears on the display.


  • Set the desired temperature between 1°C and 7°C by pressing the Fridge button
  • The default setting is 3 °C and the temperature changes and appears on the display each time the Fridge button is pressed.


  • The temperature controls on some models are labeled "Freezer Temp." and "Refrigerator Temp.". However, they control the temperature the same way as the buttons described above.
  • When the temperature setting that you want is displayed, do not touch the Fridge button again.

If you find that your control panel looks different to the one above, and more similar to the one below. You can try the following steps:

1. Tap any button to wake up the display. (This step may not apply to some models.)

2. Tap circle icon until the fridge or freezer indicator blinks. The selected compartment’s indicator blinks. 

3. Tap < or > to select the desired temperature or function

4. Wait for 5 seconds or tap circle icon to confirm your selection. The selected compartment’s indicator stops blinking.

Adjusting Temperature on a Family Hub Model

To open Fridge Manager, tap on the widget on your Family Hub home screen.



1. Fridge Temperature Settings

Adjust the temperature of your fridge.

2. Flex Crisper

Adjust the temperature of the Crisp drawer.

3. Freezer Temperature Settings

Adjust the temperature of your freezer.

4. Cool Select+/FlexZone Settings

Set the type of food in your freezer so that your refrigerator can adjust to
the right temperature based on the items inside.

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