Pair a device with the Galaxy Wearable app

Last modified : Oct 03. 2019

You can use your Galaxy Watch or Gear wearable without a mobile device. However, some functions will not be available without connecting to a mobile device. The minimum requirements for Android devices is to run Android 4.4 and above and have a minumum of 1.5 GB RAM. To run the Samsung Galaxy Watch app on an iOS device, the device will need to run iOS 9.0 or higher.


To connect the Galaxy Wearable to a mobile device, install the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app. Depending on the mobile device, you can download the Samsung Gear app from the following places:  


  • Samsung devices – Galaxy Apps
  • Other Android devices -  Google Play Store
  • iOS devices - Samsung Galaxy Watch from the App Store  


Before following the below steps, ensure you have turned on your Blutooth on your compatible smartphone. For step-by-step instructions, check outour page How do I turn on my Bluetooth on my Samsung Phone.

1 Once you have enabled your Bluetooth on your smartphone and turned on your wearable, you may be prompted to connect to the device via your homescreen. If this is your wearable, tap on Add now
If your wearable pops up on your homescreen tap on Add now
2 If your device doesn't pop-up on your homescreen, you will need to head into the Galaxy Wearable app
Open up Galaxy Wearable app
3 Tap on the device model
Pick your device model
4 Tap OK on your smartphone and the Tick icon on your smartwatch to pair the two devices.
Tap the tick button an OK button to pair the watch and phone
5 Allow the two devices to finish pairing
Finishing pairing
6 Agree to the Privacy Policy and User License Agreement
Agree to the Privacy Policy ans User License Agreement
7 Choose if you would like to Locate a backup or Skip for now then tap on Next. Once complete, you will have successfully paired your watch to your smatphone.
Choose if you would like to locate a backup or skip for now then tap on next
8 Once complete you will be able to view your connected watch via the Galaxy Wearable app.
Viewing Galaxy Wearable app

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