Using 100x Super Resolution Zoom

Last Update date : Oct 01. 2020

With better zoom capability, the Galaxy S20 Ultra offers the 100x Super Resolution Zoom for taking photos. This is achieved together with the Hybrid Optical Zoom 10x and the AI Digital Zoom 10x.


Please see the guide below with instructions on how to use the 100x Super Resolution Zoom.

Please Note:

  • Using the 100x digital zoom may cause some deterioration in the image quality.
  • The 100x zoom is only available on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.
  • The 100x zone is only available in Photo mode.
1 Open the Camera app on your Galaxy S20 Ultra.
Camera app
2 Tap on the ratio settings at the top of the screen.
Select Full ratio.
3 Select full.
Select full ratio.
4 Zoom in. When you zoom in past 20x, a mapping box will appear on the screen to help indicate where you are zooming in to.
Full zoom.

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