Using Samsung Cloud

Last Update date : Nov 20. 2020

Whether you're transfering data to your new Galaxy device, wanting to backup your gallery of your latest holiday or restoring data content to your recently repaired Samsung Phone and Tablet all can be easily done wherever and whenever you want through Samsung Cloud. Simply sign into your Samsung Account on your Phone or Tablet and start backing up your data wirelessly. Follow the below guide to learn how to back-up your data via Samsunhg Cloud. If you haven't already created Samsung Account or need help signing into your account on your Samsung device, check out our page How do I create a Samsung account? for more information.

Please Note: As of June 1, 2019, any users who create or recreate a Samsung account will be provided with basic storage of 5GB. To Users who created a Samsung account on or before May 31, 2019, basic storage of 15GB will continue to be provided notwithstanding this change to the Services. Files larger than 1GB can't be backed up to your Samsung Account. 

Content that can be backed up

Samsung Cloud will backup the following data;


  • Calendar: Events and tasks saved on your phone
  • Contacts: Contacts, email addresses and business cards saved on your phone or SIM
  • Phone: Call and message history
  • Clock: Alarms, world clocks, and timers
  • Home screen: Layout, wallpapers, and Samsung DeX settings (your default wallpapers won't be backed up)
  • Apps: Installation files and app settings
  • Settings: Accessibility settings, ringtones, Samsung Keyboard options, Wi-Fi settings, and Always on Display settings (your default ringtone won't be backed up)
  • Messages: Multimedia messages and text messages
  • Music: Audio files (MP3, M4A, 3GA, OGG, and WAV files)
  • Voice Recorder: Audio recordingsDocuments: DOC, PDF, TXT, and HTML files
Backing up your data

Want to sync your Gallery to your Samsung Account? Check out our guide Syncing my Gallery to Samsung Cloud for step-by-step instructions.

1 Launch your Settings > Accounts & Backup
Select Accounts and backup
2 Select Backup and Restore
Tap on Backup and restore
3 Under Samsung Account select Back up data
Select back up data
4 Tap on the content you would like to be backed up then select Back up
select data you would like to backup then tap back up

Please Note: Data that be backed up wirelessly through your Samsung Account will depend on your Galaxy device and Android OS Version. Content that can be downloaded to your Cloud server will also depend on the Cloud storage availability.

5 Once the back up is complete, tap Done
Restoring your Backup Data
1 Head into your Settings > Accounts and backups
2 Select Backup and Restore
Tap on Backup and restore
3 Under Samsung Account select Restore data
Select restore data
4 Select the device you would like to restore data from
Select the device you would like to restore data from
5 Once you have selected the backup and content you would like restored on your device, tap on Restore
Deleting Backups
1 Head into your Settings > Accounts and backup > Samsung Cloud
Select Samsung Cloud
2 Tap on Device Backup
Tap on Device Backup
3 Select the Backup you would like to remove
Select the backup you would like to delete
4 Tap on the data you would like to remove then touch Delete
Tap on the data you would like to remove then touch delete
Using Samsung Cloud Drive

Samsung Cloud Drive is a storage space dedicated to keeping your files just where you need them - anywhere you are. You can send files from any Samsung device that is logged into your Samsung account, and access them on any other PC or device by logging into your account at

Please Note: At this point in time, it is not possible to upload files from a PC. We're looking forward to added functionality to Samsung Cloud Drive in the near future!

1 Open the My Files app
open my files app
2 Navigate to the file you want to send to the Samsung Cloud Drive
Long press the file to select it, then tap Share
long press file to select and tap share
3 Select Samsung Cloud Drive from the share menu
select Samsung cloud drive
4 Select where to save the file or create a new folder then tap DONE to apply changes
select a folder to save file
5 If you swipe down the screen to access your Notification Panel you will be able to view the uploading status to your Samsung Cloud.
Viewing Uploading status via notifiction panel

Of course you can access these files directly from the My Files app, or on any other device with a browser at

6 Once uploaded, you can swipe down on your notification panel and select the Samsung Cloud Drive Notification to view the file or head to Settings > Accounts and Backup > Samsung Cloud >Samsung Cloud Drive.

You can access the file on any device logged into the same Samsung Account.
select Samsung cloud drive

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