AI Upscaling on Samsung TVs.

Last Update date : Sep 30. 2020
Samsung 8K TV

So you have got yourself a new Samsung TV and probably heard about something called AI Upscaling. The first time hearing about it you may just nod along without actually having a clue what the other person is talking about. AI Upscaling makes everything better so that you can have a much more enjoyable viewing experience. Your TV can do this by using the all-new Samsung Quantum Processor 4K. Please note that not all Samsung TVs have AI Upscaling. At the moment it is limited to the Samsung TV Q60, Q75, Q80, Q90 and Q900 models.

Quantum processor 4K.

As good as the Samsung Quantum Processor 4K is, it will only upscale to a certain point. It will make SD (Standard Definition) content look almost 4K but it won’t actually be able to upscale the content to true 4K or 8K.

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