Cautions when Installing The Terrace

Last Update date : Nov 05. 2021

The Terrace uses a combination of 2,000nits brightness with Color Volume technology that delivers rich and accurate 4K QLED colour quality in every scene under your outside patio.

The Terrace also boasts an impressive, high-speed 120Hz refresh rate cuts out the blur between fast-paced images for an ultra-smooth viewing experience for gaming or when watching sports, movies, and more.

There are a few cautions you will need to follow when installing The Terrace, which is detailed below so that you can enjoy these great features.

The Terrace lifestyle image
1 The Terrace TV must be installed in a place where the screen is not exposed to direct sunlight. If the screen is exposed to direct sunlight, the screen may turn dark.

This is a common symptom of LCD panels and dark areas will disappear when direct sunlight is avoided.

In cases of continuous exposure to direct sunlight, the panel may get damaged. If The Terrace is installed in a place that causes the TV to be exposed to direct sunlight, it is recommended to change the location to avoid this.
2 The brightness sensor which is located at the bottom right side of the product as you are facing it, must not be covered by any object. This sensor activates the ‘Screen Protection Mode’ by sensing surrounding brightness.

When ‘Screen Protection Mode’ activates, it protects the screen by lowering the brightness of the TV screen.
3 The Terrace TV is IP55 certified for waterproof and dustproof.

IP (Ingress Protection) rating is a measure of how safe a product is from external dust, water and foreign matter. IP55 certifies the standard dustproof function and basic waterproof level.

With this in mind, the TV should not be exposed to direct rain or snow and the instructions detailed in the installation guide must be followed. In other words, it cannot be sprayed directly or used underwater but it is possible to wash it with a wet towel.
Installation guide

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