View a Phone or tablet on a Samsung TV

Last Update date : Sep 30. 2020

Connect a phone or tablet to your Samsung TV to watch movies from your phone on the big screen, or show off your photos on the TV. There are a couple of different ways to connect other devices to your TV, depending on your TV and the mobile device where your content is saved. 


  • Connect by HDMI cable: This is the fastest, most seamless way to transmit the data from your phone or tablet to the TV. 
  • Use the SmartThings app: The Samsung SmartThings app is designed for TVs manufactured from 2017 onwards. You'll need a Wi-Fi network for either of these apps to work.
  • Beam wirelessly: Connect your compatible mobile device to the TV by Wi-Fi Direct; there's no need for a Wi-Fi network in this case.

Connect a phone to a Samsung TV with HDMI:

Connecting by HDMI cable will ensure the fastest data delivery from your phone or tablet to the TV. All Samsung TVs will have a dedicated HDMI input for MHL devices. MHL is short for Mobile High-definition Link; this is technology that lots of phones and TVs are compatible with. You can check the MHL website for compatibility of specific phones and TVs.


To connect your phone or tablet to the TV by cable, you'll need to purchase a HDMI adapter specific to your mobile device. HDMI adapters are available at most major retailers. A USB to HDMI adapter will turn the USB charging port of your mobile device into a HDMI connection. You can then use a normal HDMI cable to connect the two. 

Samsung Phones & Tablets: Most Samsung Galaxy S and Note series devices are MHL compatible. Check the USB specifications for Tablets before purchasing a HDMI adapter, as it depends on the specific device. See the page on USB C to HDMI adapter for compatibility of the Samsung USB C to HDMI adapter.

Android Phones: Check the USB MHL compatibility of your device before purchasing a HDMI adapter.

Apple Phones: The Lightning to HDMI adapter is compatible with most Apple devices with a Lightning port.

1 Connect a HDMI adapter to your mobile device
2 Attach a HDMI cable to the HDMI adapter on your mobile device.
3 Plug the HDMI cable into the HDMI (MHL) port on your TV
4 Press the Source button on the remote and cycle through to the appropriate HDMI MHL input.
If your remote doesn't have a Source button, select the Home button and navigate to the Source menu on the screen. Select the HDMI MHL input.

Use a Samsung App:

To use a Samsung app to stream movies and photos to your Samsung TV, you'll need a Wi-Fi network to connect both your phone or tablet and TV to. For help connecting your Samsung TV to the internet, see the page on Connect a Samsung TV to the internet.


Samsung SmartThings app

The Samsung SmartThings app will let you play media and content from your compatible device to a Samsung TV. The SmartThings app will recognise most Samsung TVs manufactured 2016 onwards.  Download the Samsung SmartThings app from the Galaxy Apps, Google Play and Apple App stores. 


Tap View

The Samsung Tap View feature streams videos and photos from your compatible device to a Samsung TV. For help using Tap View, check the full guide to using Tap View at How to Use Tap View and Multi View.

Beam content with Wi-Fi Direct:

No Wi-Fi? No problem. Most Samsung TVs, phones and tablets are capable of transmitting data using Wi-Fi direct. Wi-Fi direct is a Wi-Fi standard enabling devices to easily connect with each other without requiring a wireless access point. Wi-Fi Direct connects like Bluetooth, in that you'll need to introduce the two to each other. Using Wi-Fi Direct, you'll be able to connect the two devices without requiring a wireless router or network connection. Most Android Devices are Wi-Fi Direct enabled, but iOS devices do not use the Wi-Fi direct standards. Check the page on Use Wi-Fi direct on a Samsung TV for steps on enabling Wi-Fi Direct on your TV; and there's a guide for Samsung mobile devices at What is Wi-Fi Direct?

If you require more information, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page. Otherwise, please get in touch with our Samsung Care Australia experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia) or contact our Live Chat Australia team.

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