How to stop my Smart TV flickering or dimming

Last modified : Nov 20. 2018

If your Samsung Smart TV is having trouble displaying images properly, either flickering or dimming, there are a couple of things to check. See the dropdowns below for information on disabling the Eco Sensor. Eco sensor is a function that will adjust the screen brightness depending on the light in the room. The Energy Saving feature of some TVs will likewise affect the brightness of the TV screen. 


If the screen on your TV flickers to black rather than dimming, particularly only on one source; check that all cables are connected to your TV securely.


If your TV screen is flickering or dimming sporadically, you can try to disable some of its energy efficiency features such as the Eco Sensor or the Energy Saving feature to keep the brightness level consistent.

Disable Eco Sensor

Disable Eco SensorClick to Expand

Eco Sensor senses the level of ambient light in any room and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly. To disable this feature follow the instruction as given below:

1 Press the MENU button on your remote control.
2 Use the navigation keys to scroll down to select System and press ENTER.
3 Locate and select Eco Solution.
4 Using the navigation keys again, find Eco Sensor and press ENTER to make a selection.
5 Press ENTER again until the ON and OFF options become available. Select OFF to disable the Eco Sensor feature.
6 Press EXIT to exit menu screen

Please note: Please keep in mind that any object blocking your TVs Eco Sensor may impact its effectiveness and cause unnecessary dimming. If Eco Sensor is not the issue, and you're still having dimming and flickering issues, try disabling the Energy Saving feature with the steps below.

Disable Energy SavingClick to Expand

When the Energy Saving feature is set to Auto, the TV changes its brightness automatically depending on what you are watching on the TV.

1 Press MENU button on the remote control.
2 Scroll down to System then press ENTER to select.
3 Locate and select Eco Solution.
4 Once Energy Saving is highlighted, press ENTER.
5 Use the navigation keys to select any options other than Medium or High. And if you still experience flickering with the Low setting, you may want to simply turn the feature OFF.
6 Press EXIT to exit menu screen.

Please note:  If the issue is still persistant after disabling the Eco Sensor or Automatic Energy Saving features, and is consistent through different sources - get in touch by Live Chat or call 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia) for further assistance. Your TV may require an assessment by a service technician. Our Samsung Care experts can help determine the issue and organise a repair if necessary. 

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