Use and Charge your Solar Samsung TV Remote

Last Update date : Jan 16. 2024

Disposable batteries are not the best for the environment. Unlike other remotes, your TV’s remote doesn’t need them. It has a solar panel instead that you can use to charge your remote – whether you’re indoors or outdoors. The remote also comes equipped with several smart features such as a built-in microphone for use with a voice assistant. The Samsung SolarCell Remote can easily and economically be used – anytime, anywhere. 

Note: SolarCell remotes are available with selected TV models from 2021 and onwards. 

Use and Charge your SolarCell Remote Use and Charge your SolarCell Remote

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What are the benefits of a SolarCell remote?

A solar cell on the back of the remote absorbs sunlight or the light in your home to charge the internal battery. A single, fully charged battery can last up to two years, making it an economical alternative to disposable batteries. It is estimated that over the next 7 years, 99 million alkaline batteries will be used. The solar remote is well-suited for today’s eco-friendly era and can work to reduce a part of that staggering number. 

 samsung smart tv solarcell remote

If the battery is low, your remote control may not function properly or may respond slowly. Use a USB cable for faster charging. When the remote is not in use, remember to expose it to light. This will extend the remote's operating time.

Option 1: Through the solar panel

While your remote can be charged outside in the sun, it can also be charged with your indoor lights. Simply set the remote down with the solar panel facing up to charge the remote. You can do this in your living room while your lights are switched on or you can place it near a window to soak in natural sunlight.

Option 2: With a USB-C cable

If you need to charge your remote right away, you can use a USB-C charging cable. Plug one end of the cable into the remote’s USB-C charging port and the other end into a port of the TV or into a Samsung wall charger adaptor.

solar cell remote


  • For faster charging and maximum usage time, refrain from using the remote while it is charging.
  • USB-C cable and charger sold separately.
one remote

Note: The layout of your Solar Cell remote may vary depending on the model of your TV.

Button Description
Voice Assistant
Voice Assistant
Runs Voice Assistant. Press and hold the button, say a command and then release the button to run Voice Assistant
Button with numbers and coloured circles.
Colour/Number button
Each time you press this button, the coloured buttons window and the virtual numeric pad are displayed alternately.
• Use this button to access additional options that are specific to the feature in use.
• Press to bring up the virtual numeric pad on the screen. Use the numeric keypad to enter numeric values. Select numbers and then select Done to enter a numeric value. Use to change the channel, enter a PIN, enter a Post code, etc.
When you press the Colour/Number button and then select TTX/MIX from the pop-up list, the TTX menu appears. If the Colour Button appears with a number strip on the screen, select the Colour Button and then select a specific colour by using the directional button (up/down/left/right). Use this to access additional options that are specific to the feature in use.
Multi View button.
Multi View
Press the button to directly enter the Multi View function
Directional button
Directional button
Moves the focus
Select button.
Selects or runs a focused item. When pressed while you are watching a broadcast programme, detailed programme information appears
Return button.button
Press to return to the previous menu. When pressed for 1 second or more, the running function is terminated. When pressed while you are watching a programme, the previous channel appears.
Smart Hub button
Smart Hub
Press to return to the Home Screen.
Play/Pause button.
When pressed, the playback controls appear. Using these controls, you can control the media content that is playing.
Press the button to use the recording or Timeshift function while watching the broadcast
Volume button
Volume button
Move the button up or down to adjust the volume. To mute the sound, press the button. When pressed for 1 second or more, the Accessibility Shortcuts appears.
Channel button
Channel button
Move the button up or down to change the channel. To see the Guide or Channel List screen, press the button.
Press and hold the button up or down to quickly change the channel
Launch App button
Launch app button
Launch the app indicated by the button.
This function may not be supported depending on the model or geographical area.
1 Press the Home button on your remote control and then head to Settings

Note: Images were taken from a 2023 model TV. Depending on the model of your TV, sequences and steps may vary.

Select Settings
2 Navigate to All Settings
Navigate to All Settings
3 Choose General & Privacy and then Power and Energy Saving
Select General then Power and Energy Saving
4 Here you can view the battery percentage of your SolarCell remote
Here you can view your Available Remote Battery
Troubleshoot your SolarCell Remote Troubleshoot your SolarCell Remote

Having troubles with your TV remote not working? Follow the troubleshooting steps below to see if this helps.

1 Ensure your TV remote is charged by its solar panel or connect the remote via USB-C cable
2 Restart your TV by switching it off and unplug your TV from the power outlet for a minute. Then re-plug your TV back in and test whether the remote is responsive
3 Hold the Back icon and General icon buttons simultaneously for at least 5 seconds or until a message appears on your TV indicating that the remote is now connected. Test to see if your remote is responsive
Pair remote to TV
4 Point the remote towards the camera of your mobile phone and press the power button
  • If you do not see the infrared light, proceed to Step 5.
  • If you see the infrared light, turn on your TV using the power button on the TV directly. Then, try controlling the TV again by pointing the remote directly at the Samsung logo. 

Note: If your TV will not turn on, please follow our guide How to troubleshoot the Samsung TV that will not turn on

5 If you continue to experience troubles with your remote or have lost or damaged it, please contact us on 1300 362 603 or reach out to us via Chat Support

For further assistance, please contact our Chat Support or technical experts on 1300 362 603. To find your Samsung product's User Manual, head to Manuals & Downloads.

    This product should be mounted to a wall or other suitable surface to avoid serious injury. Find out more here.

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