Samsung TV will not Turn On

Last modified : Jun 10. 2020

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The last thing anyone wants is to get home at the end of the day, go to turn on the TV and get no response. A lot of power issues can be the result of a hardware problem, and the best thing to do is to get a trained Service Technician to take a look at your TV if you are having trouble. There are a few things you can try at home first:

If your TV is compatible and using a One Connect Box, please see the page on How to Resolve Power issues with a One Connect box

TV will not turn on, and the standby light is on.Click to Expand

It is normal for the standby light to be on when the TV is turned off (as long as it is plugged in and receiving power). But if the TV still won't turn on when you try, the only thing left to rule out is the remote.


First, try turning on the TV without the remote. (The Power button's location varies depending on your TV's model. If you are not sure where it is located, see your user manual.)


  • If you are able to turn the TV on this way, the trouble will be with your remote. You will need to test your remote control to see if it is working.
  • Unplug the TV from the wall for 30 seconds, and then plug it into a power outlet you know works.
  • If your TV still will not turn on, visit a Support Center to request service.
TV will not turn on, and the standby light is off.Click to Expand

When the standby light is off, the TV either doesn't have power, or it's turned on and the screen is just black.

1 Without using the remote, press any button on your TV.

If anything appears on the screen when you interact with the controls, this confirms your TV is on. You can continue troubleshooting in our guide for No Picture Issues on a Samsung TV.


If the TV's controls cause anything to appear on the screen but the remote doesn't then make sure to also troubleshoot your remote.

2 Unplug the TV for 30 seconds, and then plug it into a working outlet.

The next thing you will want to rule out is any power issue. Leave the TV unplugged for 30 seconds, and when plugging it back in, plug it directly into an outlet you know works (you can test the outlet with another device, like a lamp).


  • If the standby light comes on (and doesn't flash or blink), your TV is receiving power and will probably turn on. This means there is an issue with the original outlet, or the surge protector if you were using one. If it still doesn't turn on even though the standby light is now on, continue troubleshooting in the section for TV won't turn on, and standby light is on.
  • If the standby light comes on but flashes or blinks, or if the standby light still doesn't come on, visit our Support Center to request service.
TV will not turn on, and the standby light is flashing.Click to Expand

Surge protectors may eventually wear out and stop providing the necessary voltage for your TV. If you're using one, make sure that you rule this out before you set up service for a flashing standby light.


Otherwise, this is a sign that something is wrong with your TV, so visit our Support Center to request service.

The power button is located on the back of the TV or down the bottom at the back. Depending on your model it will either be underneath in the center of the lower panel, or on the back towards the bottom left hand side (bottom right if you're facing the TV screen) in newer models. Check the page on Control a Samsung TV without a Remote for more information.

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