Samsung Refrigerator - Lights do not turn on

Last Update date : Oct 07. 2020
Samsung Refrigerator - Lights do not turn on

You've just got your refrigerator delivered, and it's now all set up and ready to use. Later that day you go to open the fridge, and the lights don't come on inside. Don't get frustrated: there's just a little bit of installation left to wrap up.

The provided information refers to refrigerators sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ for appliances sold in other countries.

Make sure the doors weren't left open

Models which have a door alarm will beep to indicate that a door is not closed or the wire harness is not connected properly. If the model has an external dispenser, it will not work when the refrigerator thinks a door is open.

If the doors are open for more than 8 minutes, the lights will turn off.

After you close the door, some models may take 20-30 minutes to cool off before the sensor will work again. If the lights don't immediately come on after closing the doors, try again in half an hour.

On top mount refrigerators, the sensor is between the doors. If they are both open to the same position, the refrigerator will think the doors are closed and the lights will go off. This is normal.

Make sure Sabbath mode is not activated

Some refrigerators have Sabbath mode. When turned on, Sabbath mode will cause the lights to not turn on. If your model has Sabbath mode, it will be covered in the user manual.

Check the wire harness

This will typically only be necessary if the issue has been happening since the doors were removed and put back on.

If the doors and wire harness are not properly aligned and installed, the refrigerator may think that the doors are never closed. After 8 minutes, the lights will go off.

You can review the steps for connecting the harness in the instructions for removing and reinstalling the doors in the user manual. On most refrigerators, it is located on top of the left door.

Replace the incandescent bulb (if applicable)

In most cases that will be all you need to fix the issue, but on rare occasions in older refrigerators, the light has actually gone out. This is particularly noticeable when some lights come on but others do not. If the bulb that has gone out is an incandescent bulb, replace it. You can get a bulb from any local hardware store. Your user manual will give you the correct size for your model (typically a size E26 bulb, either 30W or 60W depending on model).

If you replace the bulb and the issue continues, or if the light that has gone out is an LED light (this is extremely rare), visit our Support Centre to request service.

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