ME21K7010DS - Over the Range Microwave with PowerGrill, 2.1 cu.ft - Turn the demo mode on or off (ME21K7010DS)

Last Update date : Oct 01. 2020

Demo mode

You can customize your new microwave oven to suit your preferences. The Demo mode can be turned ON and OFF.

Note: The information provided is for appliances sold in Canada. Settings may differ for products sold in other countries.

Turning the demo mode ON or OFF

1. Press the Options button.

Demo mode 1

2. Press 6 to select Demo mode settings.

Demo mode 2

3. Press the OK button.

Demo mode 3

4. Press one of the numeric buttons (1 or 2) to select a setting:

    ● Press 1 to turn Demo mode ON.

Demo mode 4

    ● Press 2 to turn Demo mode OFF.

Demo mode 5

5. Press the OK button to set the setting.

Demo mode 6

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