Galaxy Tab S2 - Add a fingerprint (SM-T710 & SM-T810)

Last Update date : Oct 02. 2020

Fingerprint recognition

Use Fingerprint recognition as an alternative security method to entering passwords. Your device can be set to recognize your fingerprint for added device security and utilize it for verification. In order for fingerprint recognition to function, your fingerprint information needs to be registered and stored in your device.

Note: Screens and settings available may vary by wireless service provider and software version.

Registering a fingerprint

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps 2.

2. Touch Settings 2.

3. Scroll to and touch Lock screen and security 2 under the Personal tab.


4. Touch Fingerprints.


5. Touch 2 Add fingerprint.


6. Review the Disclaimer and touch CONFIRM to continue.


7. Follow the onscreen instructions to register finger print.


8. Enter a backup password and touch CONTINUE, and then re-type the password to confirm and touch OK.


9. Your fingerprint has been added. Touch SET to set Fingerprint as the screen lock type.


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