Gear Sport - Charge the Battery and Power Saving Mode (SM-R600)

Last Update date : Oct 06. 2020

Charging dock

Charge your Gear Sport seamlessly with the wireless charging dock. Running low on battery? Activating power saving mode will help your Gear Sport last longer between charges. If power saving mode is too limiting, try changing some display settings.

Screens and settings available may vary by wireless service provider and software version.

Charge Your Gear Sport

 Gear Sport: How do I charge my Samsung Gear Sport (SM-R600)?

Don't let wires hold you back. The Gear Sport comes with a wireless charging dock, built for on-the-go people like you. Just place your Gear on the dock and it will magnetically snap into place and the screen will orient itself.

Turn Power Saving Mode On or Off

Want to save power? Activate Power Saving Mode to turn off certain features, like notifications and Wi-Fi, to make sure your battery lasts and lasts.

1 Press Home.
2 Touch Settings.
3 Touch Battery management.
4 Touch Power saving.
5 Touch the Check icon to confirm Power saving mode.
 Gear Sport: How do I charge my Samsung Gear Sport (SM-R600)?
6 To deactivate Power saving mode, touch OFF, and then touch the Check icon.

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