Gear Sport - Apply a new watch face (SM-R600)

Last Update date : Oct 06. 2020

Watch face

Use the Samsung Gear app on your phone to download more Watch faces for your Gear Sport. You can customize several display settings to give your Gear Sport a stylish look that's all your own. We'll give you a quick breakdown of how you can score some sweet new Watch faces.

Screens and settings available may vary by wireless service provider and software version. The Samsung Gear app must be downloaded on the mobile device.

Download and apply a new watch face

Gear Sport: How do I customize the watch face on my Samsung Gear Sport (SM-R600)?

To give your watch a whole new look, open the Samsung Gear app on your phone, touch SETTINGS, and then touch Watch faces. You'll see a list of pre-loaded Watch faces, but if you want more options, just scroll down and touch MORE. Pretty soon, you'll be tracking your time during the marathon in style.

To download more Watch Faces from your Gear Sport, navigate to Settings > Watch faces and style > Watch faces > Galaxy Apps.

Once you've made your pick, grab your Gear Sport and touch and hold the Home screen to see all of your Watch faces. Swipe to scroll through the different designs. To select the Watch face you want, just touch it. And if you like one of the faces but don't like the color scheme, you can change it by touching CUSTOMIZE.

Don't like the Watch face you downloaded? To delete watch faces, touch and hold the Home screen and then touch Delete. Your collection of Watch faces will appear. 

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