How do I download and install Soundcamp application?

Last Update date : Oct 06. 2020


Note: Screens and settings available may vary by wireless service provider and software version.

Soundcamp is a powerful music production tool for users who want to create music anywhere. You can play music by using pre-loaded touch instruments along with various 3rd party music apps, and can also record and share the music that you have created.

Soundcamp is an exciting app for performing, writing, and sharing music. You can download Soundcamp from the GALAXY Essentials, which is a collection of specially chosen applications available through Samsung GALAXY Apps.

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Note: Supported devices are Galaxy Note Edge, and Galaxy Note 4.

Download Soundcamp

1. From the Home screen, swipe from right to left until you see the GALAXY Essentials widget then touch the GALAXY Essentials widget.


Note: You can also download and install Soundcamp application directly from Samsung GALAXY apps.

2. In order to receive any of the Samsung GALAXY Applications, you must agree with the terms and conditions. Touch Accept to continue.


3. You will see a collection of GALAXY Essentials apps specially chosen from Samsung Apps, scroll down to and touch Soundcamp.

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4. Here you will find an overview details of Soundcamp application such as main features, software version, user reviews, and etc. Touch Install to download the application.


5. You will receive a message for App permissions, touch Accept and download to continue.


6. Once the download is complete, touch Open to access the application.

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7. Enjoy!


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