Samsung Connect Home: How to manage devices and locations?

Last Update date : Oct 01. 2020

Samsung Connect Home - How to manage devices and locations?


Q: How do I manage devices and locations?


A: You can manage location and its assigned devices and modes.


1. On the Samsung Connect screen, tap My devices.


2. Scroll the screen to the left or right to select a location.


3. Tap MoreEdit and use the following options.


Set the location or mode as a favorite. You can access the favorites on the Samsung Connect screen.


• Location name → Place name: Change the location name and its wallpaper color displayed on the Samsung Connect screen when it is set as a favorite.


• Location name → MEMBERS: View the members to share the location.


• Location name → REMOVE PLACE: Delete the location.


• Location name → LEAVE PLACE: Delete the invited location.


• Device name → Device name: Change the device name and its icon color displayed on the location screen.


• Device name → Place: Assign the device to another location. This option is only available for the owner of the location.


• Device name → DELETE DEVICE: Delete the device from the assigned location or deregister the device.


To connect a Z-Wave device to another device, on the currently connected mobile device, remove the device from the Samsung Connect app to exclude it. When you remove the device from the Samsung Connect app, the instructions for exclusion will be provided via a URL.


Follow the instructions to exclude the Z-Wave device. If you reset the Wi-Fi hub, you should exclude the Z-Wave device and reconnect (re-include)



For instructions on how to exclude Z-Wave devices, refer respective Z-Wave device’s user manual or contact the device’s manufacturer.

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