Galaxy Note9 - Digital Coloring with PENUP (SM-N960W)

Last Update date : Oct 07. 2020
Galaxy Note9 - Digital Coloring with PENUP (SM-N960W)

Once upon a time, coloring was "just for kids.” Now it’s a phenomenon among all ages, even adults, because it’s both relaxing and fun. If you want to join the coloring craze, just use your phone. Galaxy Note9 has the digital art app PENUP preinstalled, which comes with digital art supplies, so you can color and draw right on your phone.

Screens and settings available may vary depending on your Canadian wireless service provider and your software version.

Use the Different Coloring Tools

To make your picture the best it can be, you need the right art supplies. Don't go to the art store; just use the tools that are available on PENUP. After you’ve opened a coloring page or a blank page in PENUP, touch the current art tool in the upper left-hand corner to see the available tools. Select your desired art tool and then adjust its settings by dragging the sliders.

Use the Different Coloring Tools

Here are the available coloring tools:

   • Water Color: This is the brush on the far left. It makes clear, smoky brushstrokes; it’s great for coloring the sky or water. You can use the sliders to change the strokes’ opacity and its width.

   • Oil Brush: This brush is second from the left. It’s the standard paintbrush you use for arts and crafts or making paintings. Its strokes are thick and solid. Use this when you want to fill in large areas with a consistent, thick color. You can change the strokes’ widths with the sliders.

   • Calligraphy Brush: This is the third brush from the left. Traditionally, these brushes are used for writing Chinese or Japanese letters and characters. Nowadays, many artists use calligraphy brushes to write precise lettering. A calligraphy brush makes thin, accurate strokes. You can change the stroke’s thickness using the slider.

   • Pencil: This tool is in the middle of the brush settings. Use this to write or color as if you are using a real pencil. You can adjust the pencil’s thickness, but the strokes will always be very thin and grainy like an actual pencil.

   • Crayon: This is the third instrument from the right. This tool will give you the appearance and texture of a real crayon – like when you colored with them as a kid. You can adjust the width of the crayon’s stroke with the slider.

   • Air Brush: This the tool that’s second from the right. It will give you the foggy look of an air brush or a spray can. It’s perfect for making clouds, sheep, or anything fluffy. Use the slider to adjust the stokes’ transparency or thickness.

   • Marker Pen: The marker pen is the tool on the far right. It’s like using a Sharpie or a similar type of marker. Use it for bold, thick lines – it’s great for both coloring and writing. You can change the marker’s opacity or thickness with the sliders.

   • Eraser: This is located at the bottom of the screen. Use it to get rid of any mistakes or blemishes. Touch the Eraser icon twice to change its settings. Drag the sliders to adjust the eraser’s size and opacity. You can also touch ERASE ALL to make the picture go back to its original state.

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