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  • H/W repair

    Hardware Repair

  • Drop & Pick Up

    Drop-off & Pick-up

  • S/W Upgrade

    Software upgrade

Smart Service in Shop Smart Service in Shop
Samsung Smart Service

Samsung Smart Service

Need Help? Do you need to get your Samsung smartphone repaired?
Or simply get more out of your Samsung device?

Samsung Smart Service is available in shops near you and will
put you in touch with Certified Samsung consultant. Find out the
nearest Samsung Smart Service location to you. Service Support
may vary upon location.

Trained experts. Genuine parts. Trusted Repairs.

Recommendations before visiting our Service Centre
1. Install the latest software available
2. Bring your original proof of purchase receipt
3. Bring your charger

Important: Please back up data from the mobile phone and/or tablet as your device may be reset during the repair process in order to protect your privacy. Learn More

Samsung Smart Service

Find the right support for you

  • H/W repair Hardware Repair

    Manufacture Warranty (Mechanical/Technical Failure)
    Out of Warranty Repairs

  • Drop & Pick Up IMAGE Drop-off & Pick-up

    Hardware Repair
    Factory Reset
    Smart Phone Loaner Support

  • S/W Upgrade  Software Upgrade

    Latest Software Check
    Galaxy Diagnostics
    Device Optimization

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