Large Fridge Freezers

These Fridge Freezers are a big deal

A stunning focal point in your kitchen with enough space inside for whatever you need –whether you’re a large family or a frequent dinner party host. With our largest fridges over 90cm wide, we’ve got you covered.

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More inside, same outside

SpaceMax Technology™

Now you can get the best of both worlds with SpaceMax Technology™. It makes the walls slimmer, so the same size fridge on the outside has larger capacity inside.

SpaceMax Technology

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Large 617L capacity

Built for the biggest families with the biggest weekly shops (and those daily top ups). There's hardly anything you can't fit within a whopping 617L capacity.

SpaceMax Technology

Fresh as a daisy

Twin Cooling Plus™

Wouldn't it be good if all your food in the fridge stayed fresher for longer? Samsung Twin Cooling Plus™ does exactly that.

Twin Cooling Plus

Flex it

Smart Convertible Zone

Party ice cream or the Christmas turkey. When you need extra space, use the Smart Convertible Zone as a fridge or a freezer, and control it with four temperatures.

Smart Convertible Zone

Raise a glass

Water and Ice Dispenser

At the touch of a button you could be sipping on ice-cold drinks with a Fridge Freezer with a Water and Ice Dispenser. Plumbed or Non-plumbed? Pick the option that’s right for you.

Triple Cooling System

Best of both worlds

Pairing Kit

At 1.2 metres wide, this Pairing Kit lets you pair up your One Door Fridge with a matching One Door Freezer for the ultimate American Style Fridge Freezer combination and capacity.

Food Showcase

Popular Large Fridge Freezers

RS8000 with SpaceMax Technology™

RS8000 with SpaceMax Technology™

Black stainless steel, A+ energy rating, 617L capacity

RS8000 with SpaceMax Technology™

RS8000 with SpaceMax Technology™

Matte stainless steel, A+ energy rating, 617L capacity

RF8000 Four-Door with Flex Zone

RF8000 Four-Door with Flex Zone

Four doors, A+ energy, 495L capacity

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Large Fridge Freezers

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All Sizes

Small size - Up to 65cm wide


Up to 65cm wide

Medium size - 70-85cm wide


70-85cm wide

Large size - 90cm wide and above


90cm wide and above

All Types

Smart Fridge Freezers

Smart Fridge Freezers

So much more than keeping food fresh

French Style Fridge Freezers

French Style Fridge Freezers

Find a place for everything

American Style Fridge Freezers

American Style Fridge Freezers

Why choose between style and space?

Classic Fridge Freezers

Fridge Freezers

The ultimate combination for storing and cooling

One Door Fridges and Freezers

One Door Fridges and Freezers

Keep it simple and spacious with one door

All Colours

Silver colour


A winner every time

Stay classic with a slick, silver Fridge Freezer.

Black colour


Black is back

Make a statement with a fridge that’s as smart as it is stunning.

White colour


Blend in

Get a Fridge Freezer that slips effortlessly into its surroundings.

Ice and Water Dispensers

Water and ice dispenser icon

Water and ice dispenser

Help yourself to cool water and ice whenever you want.

Water dispenser icon

Water dispenser

Enjoy a refreshing drink at the touch of a button.

No Dispenser icon

No Dispenser

No ice, no water, just a beautifully simple door.