Why is my Samsung Washing machine makes noise

Last Update date : 2023-04-11

Samsung washers are generally very quiet, and most noises are either normal or can be easily corrected. Noises can vary a lot and are hard to describe with words, so to identify the proper troubleshooting steps, you'll want to pick the noise in this guide that is most similar to what your washer is making, even if it isn't a perfect match.

Check here to see what kind of sound might occur:

1 Thumping or knocking.

This sound is frequently accompanied with movement from the washer, and it usually has a consistent pattern or beat that matches to the spinning of the washer. The sound could be muted or not.

If this occurs check the following :

  1. Confirm the load is balanced.
  2. Make sure the Washer is level.


2 Rattling or clicking.

To help identify this noise, it is a rapidly repetitive "clatter," like two things vibrating against each other. It can either be a constant noise or have an irregular pattern.

Some types of clicking noises are normal at the beginning and end of a cycle. If this type of noise occurs throughout the cycle:

  1. Verify the Washer level.
  2. Look for anything rattling against the washer (like the power cord or drain hose).
  3. Check the tub for loose objects.


3 Grating, grinding, or rattling.

This is the sound of the drain pump operating. This noise can occur intermittently. If the noise occurs every cycle, clean your debris filter. If the noise still occurs every cycle,  for help or request service call our Support Center 

4 Loud humming, buzzing, or grinding.

this type of noise will occur when the home's water supply valve is not open and the washer is not receiving the water . Connect the water line and turn on the water supply valve in your home.

5 Click followed by short thumping or knocking.

Thumping or knocking that follows a click sound, that fades away after a moment, is caused by the clutch in the washer's motor transitioning between modes (like between washing and spinning). This is a normal sound, and service is not required.

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