What is S Note Viewer? and How does it work? (All about S Note)

Last Update date : 2020-11-20

  S Note


Take your PC experience to a whole new level with the S Note app.Connect your Galaxy Note with your computer for easy S Note content management on your home computer or laptop.With Note 5, default background for all notes has been removed from S Note. For every new note default background is always white which can be changed from options in note.
S Note > Create/Edit note > MORE > Background settings > Select a background >
Check "Apply to all pages"S Note Viewer allows you to view (not edit) S Note files.for downloading S Note app to your PC//www.samsung.com/global/download/snotedownload/The minimum PC system requirments to use S Note softwate

CPU Intel® Core™2 Duo or higher
RAM 2 GB or more
HDD 500 Mbytes Free space
OS Windows 7



What is Write on PDF ?


S Note allows you to create new notes, view and edit notes created with previous versions,

and to sync your notes with other Galaxy devices.



I deleted the notes by mistake. Can it be restored?


If you have used Evernote account for sync, deleted notes can be recovered

from Trash in Evernote app.
In case you are using Samsung sync account and if the files have been deleted

not long before you contacted us, it can be restored.
Send a CS request mentioning the Samsung account, we will restore the files

and send it by mail.
CS channel - help.content.samsung.com



S Note update from Galaxy Apps store fails.


1. Error code - 113
The device has been rooted with custom ROM. Samsung does not provide support

if the device binary has been modified using methods other than System updates.

2. Installation continues indefinitely even after successful download from Apps store.
Follow below path to fix this error:
Settings > Application Manager > Galaxy Apps, S Note > Clear data > Retry application update




Why are the major permissions needed ?


S Note needs to be able to read and create files in external storage locations.

S Note needs access to the Calendar so that Action memo can link memos to

"Task" in Calendar when you use the "Link to action" feature.

(This feature is only supported in models which support the S Pen.)

S Note needs access to the microphone so you can insert voice recordings into your notes.

S Note needs access to the Camera so you can add images and videos taken using Camera

into your notes.




I locked my note with password and forgot the password. How can i restore the password ?


Notes are saved as ".spd" file in ZIP format, which stores password in the file itself

with 128-bit encoding.
Since we do not store the password at our end, it is not possible to restore

the password of locked notes.
Precautions must be taken while locking notes with password.




 All the notes have suddenly disappeard. How can it be restored ?



1. If using sync with Samsung account
- Please send us the information below. We will review whether data can be restored.
: Issue details and Samsung account information
2. If using sync with Evernote account
- Trash of Evernote application > Note selection > it can be restored if you select note restore




I can't see the Text, Shape and Equation transformation option.


The recognition feature is only available in S Note v.5 when the extension pack is installed.
To download and install the extension pack, go to S Note > MORE > Extension pack, then download the pack from the Galaxy Apps Store.
After the extension pack is installed, you can access the recognition feature by selecting the handwriting using the "Selection tool", then selecting "Transform into" from the pop-up.




I want to hide the toolbar and write on whole screen.


It's provided only when Extension pack is installed in S Note. In order to reduce toolbar,

tap "MORE" menu at the toolbar and select "Reduce toolbar".
You can tap the handler at extreme left of the reduced toolbar or select

"Extend toolbar" in "MORE" menu to extend it back.
This can be performed using S Pen or finger swipe gesture also. Swipe right on toolbar

to reduce it and left to extend it.




Strokes can not be erased precisely.


Eraser of S Note and Write on PDF is set to "Erase by stroke" option by default.
To erase a stroke more precisely you can select "Erase touched area" option.
Size of the eraser can be controlled using seek bar provided below "Erase touched area" option.
More precision can be obtained by using "Correction pen" in Pen settings and setting the size and transparency as required.




I have installed Easy chart and Idea sketch but can not open it.


Easy chart and Idea sketch are provided as helper applications to S Note.

These are not launcher applications and can only be used from S Note and this is

the reason the "Open" button is disabled on app installation screen.
Follow below path to open Easy chart/Idea sketch:
1. S Note
2. Create/Edit a note
3. "Insert" menu option
4. Easy chart/Idea sketch




There are not templates available.


Templates are not supported in S Note v.5 and above.
The same effect can be created by setting the page color and style using

the background images available.
If you have created notes using templates in previous versions of S Note,

you can still add new pages to them by downloading the template compatibility package.




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