Samsung Subscription Program Wind-Down*

Unfortunately, the Samsung Subscription program has now ended

The program is not available for new customers to purchase.

Existing Samsung Subscription customers that have paid their account in full
can use Samsung’s Trade-in process at in order to
upgrade to the newest device.


¹ Approved LatitudePay+ customers who comply with the Samsung Subscription Program eligibility criteria and T&Cs only. Available on select Samsung devices that are eligible for Samsung Subscription. $10 monthly account keeping fee applies (waived for eligible Samsung Subscription when that transaction is the only active plan on the LatitudePay+ account). A $10 monthly account keeping fee will apply for other active plans. Late fees and full T&Cs apply. Upgrade available at no additional cost after 12 instalments paid in accordance with LatitudePay Payment Plan, or upgrade early after 9-11 (inclusive) instalments for an early upgrade fee. Upgrade is subject to customer returning their device in Good Working Order, otherwise a swap fee will apply. Payment plan provided by LatitudePay Australia Pty Ltd ABN 23 633 528 873. Available on Samsung’s online store only (  For full Terms and Conditions please see and

Target Market Determination Document [PDF]

² Samsung Care+ is not an insurance product. With a two year subscription, you can request either two swaps, or two mobile refresh (or one of each) within the 24 months from the Samsung Care+ subscription start date. With a monthly billing subscription, you can request either one swap, or one mobile refresh within each 12 month period following the Samsung Care+ subscription start date. For Swaps: Swap Fee for all eligible devices is from $149 to $299. Samsung Care+ does not cover lost or stolen devices. A swap device is usually a refurbished device of the same model as your current device. If this is not available, we’ll provide a comparable model. Online Exclusive colours and Bespoke Editions are not eligible as replacement devices as part of a Samsung Care+ subscription. You must return your original device within 14 days of receiving a swap device, otherwise you may be charged a Device Non Return Fee. For your swap device to be dispatched by the next business day, your swap request must be lodged by 3pm AEST on a business day and will be subject to stock availability (including colour variants). Ownership of your original device immediately passes to Samsung’s service provider Asurion once it is swapped and all content will be wiped upon receipt. If your device is covered by warranty or consumer guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law, the swap fee will not apply. For Mobile Refresh: a Refresh Fee of $45 to $99 is payable for all eligible devices. A mobile refresh request must be submitted online and, if accepted, customers may utilise the Walk-In or Mail-In service within 7 days. Mobile refreshes are subject to the device meeting the mobile refresh criteria. Device that do not meet criteria may be returned or transferred to a Swap request. Click here for Samsung Care+ Terms and Condition (Monthly Enrolment) or here for Samsung Care+ Terms and Condition Upfront Enrolment.

³ Early upgrade available after 9-11 (inclusive) instalments have been paid of the 18 month subscription or have 50% or less of your balance remaining on your payment plan. Upgrade at no additional cost available after 12 instalments paid or have 33% or less of your balance remaining on your payment plan. Device must be returned in Good Working Order, or a swap fee will apply. Fee may vary per device.

⁴ A selected list of the latest Samsung phones is available to upgrade once you apply.