Multi-Tasking with Easy Setting Box on your Samsung Monitor

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Easy Setting Box software makes splitting the monitor workspace into multiple windows for multi-tasking a snap. Partition the screen up to six windows with just a click for an instant view of all your projects. You can also adjust the window sizes for a fully customised view.

Note: The compatible models include:

C49HG90, S27H650, U32H850, C34H890, S24H650, U28H750, C27H800, C32HG70, C32H711, S27H850, C27HG70, C27H711, S24H850, S25HG50, C27FG73

Easy Setting Box


Utilising the Samsung Easy Setting Box software is a great way of improving how you interact with your devices and in doing so, increases productivity. This software can help you to better utilize the space of your Samsung monitor meaning that you may not need a secondary monitor on wider screen formats.

Example image of Easy Settings Box

One-Click Arrangement


With one simple click, you can arrange and re-arrange your windows, rather than drag & drop. Make the most of your windows real estate by positioning them onto any selected layout you desire.

Easy Manual Adjustment


You can also freely adjust the size of the windows as desired in the selected layout with easy setting box. Feel free to find totally new ways to work and play with this optimal and convenient customisation tool.

Easy Setting Box Screen


When Easy Setting Box is executed it automatically recognises the current monitor and designates the number corresponding to each monitor.

1 Tabs are displayed according to the number of monitors currently in use. Supports up to 4 monitors.
2 The split screen layout currently in use is shown as ticked among 14 layouts. Click to select the desired split screen layout configuration.
Easy Settings Box options.

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