Cleaning the Drum of your Samsung Dryer

Last Update date : Jan 18. 2024

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It is important to clean and maintain your Samsung dryer to ensure optimal operation, preventing any build-up or bacteria that can effect your cycles. Although the drum of your dryer does not need to cleaned as frequently, leaving wet or damp clothes inside can cause mould or odour to build in the dryer. 

Some dryers will come with a Self Tub Dry cycle that you can run to keep both the drum and heat exchanger fresh. However, if you do not have this option, it is perfectly okay to manually clean the drum too. If you are interested in more cleaning and maintenance pages for your dryer, you can check out our "Cleaning the Heat Exchanger", "Cleaning the Lint Filter", and "Draining your Heat Pump Smart Dryer" pages.

Follow the guide below to see how you can clean the drum of your Samsung dryer, whether that be using the Self Tub Dry function or manually.

Using Self Tub Dry


  • The image above is for demostration purposes only. Designs and features will differ depending on the model of your dryer. Please refer to your user manual for details specific to your model.
  • Do NOT use the Self Tub Dry cycle while there is any laundry stored in the drum. Please remove any clothing or items before starting the cycle.
1 Press the Power (01) button to turn on the dryer.
2 Turn the Navigation dial (02) and select Self Tub Dry.
3 Tap and hold the Start/Pause (06) button to start the cycle.

To clean the drum manually, use a damp cloth with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner suitable for stainless steel. Then, wipe away remaining residue with a clean, dry cloth.

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