Cleaning the Heat Exchanger on a Samsung Dryer

Last Update date : Oct 11. 2023

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When you have finished running a cycle in your Samsung Dryer and find that the load hasn't dried properly, even after cleaning the lint filter and vent lines, and also ensuring you have only put in a small load, it could mean that the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned.

It is recommended to clean the heat exchanger at least once a month. Some dryers even have an indicator that lights up to let you know when it needs cleaning. Please note that the indicator alert will continue to light up after each cycle, as it is recommended for you clean the heat exchanger after every cycle. A dirty heat exchanger will hinder the product's performance and should be cleaned regularly.

After a drying cycle, open the dryer door and the heat exchanger cover to maintain the dryer interior more hygienically. The heat exchanger will be wet right after a cycle so it is important to wait a few hours to let it completely dry before cleaning

Below are instructions on how to take out the heat exchanger and clean it.

Note: This page is applicable for Heat Pump Smart Dryers ONLY. This page is NOT applicable for Washer/Dryer Combos.

1 Gently press the top part of the outer cover (A) - located at the bottom left of the dryer - to open.
*This also may be located on the bottom right of your dryer.
Heat exchanger panel
2 Unlock the levers (B).
Locking mechanisms
3 Remove the inner cover (C).
Heat exchanger inner cover
4 Clean the heat exchanger with the provided cleaning brush, OR a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Take care not to bend or damage the heat exchanger fins when cleaning. This may lead to a decrease in drying performance.
Heat exchanger


  • To avoid physical injury and burns, do not touch or clean the heat exchanger with your bare hands.
  • Do not use water to clean the heat exchanger.
  • Do not bend or damage the heat exchanger fins when cleaning.

Note: If the heat exchanger is completely dry and therefore hard to clean, spray some water on the heat exchanger and clean using a brush.

5 Clean the inner cover with a smooth damp cloth.
Cleaning inner cover.
6 Reinsert the inner cover to its original position and the lock the inner cover by using the levers.
Reinserting inner cover.
7 Close the outer cover, and make sure the levers are locked.


  • After cleaning the heat exchanger, tap the circle button to dismiss the notification message. The message remains on until you dismiss it.
  • If the alarm continues after you have dismissed it, unplug and then plug in the power cord or remove and reinsert the heat exchanger's inner cover.

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