Enable Double Tap to Turn off on my Samsung Galaxy One UI 3.0

Last Update date : Feb 17. 2021

Noticing your screen locking when you double tap the screen? Or maybe you would to know how to quickly turn off your screen without pressing the Side Key? Simply follow the below guide for step-by-step instructions on enabling or disabling Double tap to turn off screen.

Please Note: This guide is designed for Australian variant Galaxy devices, if you have an international device and require further support click here to get in touch with your Samsung subsdiary. This setting is exclusively available on Galaxy devices operating on Android OS Version 11.0 (R).

1 Head into your Settings > Advanced Features
Tap on Advanced features
2 Tap on Motions and gestures
Select Motion & Gestures
3 Toggle on or off Double tap to turn off screen
Toggle on or off Double tap to turn off screen
4 If you have enabled this setting, double tap an empty space on your Home Screen or Lock Screen to turn off the screen
If setting has been enabled you can double tap the home screen to lock phone

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