Record a Workout on my Samsung Watch

Last Update date : Mar 06. 2024

Keep track of your workouts in real time. Your watch records your workout details while you're walking, running, cycling, hiking or doing other physical activities.

Please Note: This guide is designed for Australian variant Galaxy devices, if you have an international device and require further support click here to reach out to your Samsung subsidiary.

Record a Workout on Galaxy Watch Record a Workout on Galaxy Watch

Record a Workout

1 Press the Home button on your Samsung Watch to access your apps tray and select Samsung Health
Select Samsung Health app
2 Scroll down the screen and select Workout icon Workout
Scroll down the screen and select Workouts
3 You should be able to view your weekly workout activity, start a workout and view your workout logs.

To start logging a workout tap on Workout icon

Viewing weekly workouts and start a workout
4 Tap on an exercise to start tracking
Select a workout to start logging
5 Either select Tap to skip the countdown or allow the 3 second countdown to begin your workout.
3 second countdown
6 You should then be able to start working out and allow your watch to track your heart rate, distance and time of the workout.
tracking workout
7 If you need to pause or finish a workout simply press the Back button on your Samsung watch. If you would like to resume the workout press the Back button again. If you would like to start logging a didferent workout tap on New Workout to end the workout simply tap on Finish
paused workout

Customise Exercise Settings

1 If you would like to customise your target, enable location or guide frequency for a particular exercise simply tap on three dots icon and adjust the settings to suit you.
Select a workout
2 Scroll through the page and customise each setting to suit your preference for your selected exercise, once complete press the back button
Cutomise Target settings

Tracking Logs

1 If you would like to review your logs captured from your watch tap on View log icon

Tap on View Log
2 Tap on a log to review the workout duration, avg. pace, avg. speed and max. heart rate for a particular workout.
Viewing Logs

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